Friday 12th of June Friedrich Jürgenson and his wife. Monica have left behind their Stockholm apartment for a quiet weekend at their summerhouse. Little does. Voice Transmissions With The Deceased by Friedrich Jurgenson Foreword This book has changed my life. It marks a turning point. Today I know that it has. Book about Electronic Voice Phenomenon by Friedrich Jurgenson.

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Friedrich Jürgenson – Wikidata

Since none of us actually heard the friedricu, we continued uninhibited with our conversation. For the victims, however, it is immaterial for what reasons and by what method they are dispatched into the beyond. Unfortunately our loud voices interfered and one could only pick out a few words and bits of single phrases.

Sometimes I left my work and walked through the narrow alleys, and was able to gain an in-depth knowledge of the excavated city since I was in jurgemson of the master keys to all the houses. At first he was totally surprised and absolutely confused. Frisdrich only opened their sleepy blossoms after the early sunrays had warmed the morning air. The contradiction was too overwhelming, here blooming life and reincarnation, and there senseless destruction and murder.

It was a wonderful concert of many mating calls with their whistles, trills and chirping introduced around three in the morning by the thrushes and reaching its climax at dawn.

Why would he have talked to jurgenspn of all things, where I have always been a strong opponent of all force, and with that I was also against his regime. Besides that, I had to keep the symptoms of schizophrenia split personality in mind, where hearing invisible persons is typical.


Negatively charged thoughts and emotions, primarily fear, envy and hate create an astral environment geared exactly friedricy the character of these emotional impulses because the astral substance is very easily formed and deformed by desire and imagination.

He plugged the radio directly into his recording device and set the frequency to around kHz Much that was previously taken as an article of faith became demystified so that one no longer knows what jhrgenson hold on to anymore. Jiirgensons book has directly or indirectly touched countless people in the entire world that responded breathing a sensible sigh of relief: For example, when the tape uses one hour for recording at a speed of 19 cm, then friedrcih time doubles during playback at half speed.

These vibes gave me the sudden certainty that the newly discovered bridge held still had unimaginable possibilities. One evening I was lying on the couch in my studio and tried to look at all the events in an objective way. Then I heard a trumpet solo, a kind of a signal for attention.

The majority of EVPS have alternative, nonspiritual sources; anomalous ones have no clear proof they are of spiritual origin. In addition to that, observations and adventures by my family and myself just served to strengthen the presumption that we could be dealing with extraterrestrials. This time her voice sounded a little tired, not as lively as before and she sounded as if she was half asleep, speaking in gasps and with some difficulty.

This sound was unmistakably the likes of a person forcefully exhaling, repeated twice. No matter what, this is a completely necessary CD for any wildman or any person who has kept his mind open for the unexpected, for anyone with his imagination and his curiousness in good shape.

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Because this is so, I will begin without further ado and with some ffriedrich biographical facts this truthful, friiedrich and factual report about the building jurgenaon a bridge between this world and the hereafter. Suddenly the bird choir fell jurgemson and with that so did the hissing- sound.

When this happens jkrgenson a deck where both supply and take-up spindles are powered, the tape continues to feed, creating a fold. It only depends on the wavelength. Before I get into this, however, I must ask the reader for a little patience, because the recording hid two other pleasant surprises that I only realized after approximately two weeks. When you replay the tape you can hear me enter the studio, walking to the table and placing the headphones on.

Electronic voice phenomenon

He spent his friedricg painting portraits of wealthy Swedes. As the flashing of the feiedrich lamp stopped, I played back the tape only once and went tired but very satisfied to bed. Following an inner pleasurable calmness, long sentences in English appeared in my conciousness.

My breath stopped, and at the same time I felt an icy grip on my throat. The whole experience proved to be a very hard learning process for me. Yet still, I had managed to produce a few contacts by radio, and recorded them on tape.

I somehow resisted these intruding contacts that reawakened the memories of forgotten fairytale imaginings and various ghost stories. Being concerned that my equipment was once again malfunctioning, I spoke my concerns out loud.