A sequel to Tai-pan (), this is the sixth novel in Clavell’s Asian saga and takes place in The gai-jin (foreigners) have arrived, intent. Clavell is in top-notch form in this sequel to Tai-pan, the second novel in what will be the Shogun quartet. In another monumental panorama of historic Asia. This is the third book of James Clavell’s Asian Saga. Two years ago, I read the first book, Shogun, and a year ago, I read the second, Tai-Pan.

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Two of my little cousins have died. Like the other books of James Clavell, I borrowed this one from the library years ago. Other cpavell in this series. One big theme in this novel is the clash of cultures.

These stories become entwined as the Japanese are forced to do business with the Gai-jins because they need their cannon, rifles, and ammunition as they prepare for the internal struggle for power that is about to begin. Dec 09, Matt Seeker rated it it was ok. Now for the themes. Repetitive and unoriginal, especially when considered as part of the “Asian Saga.

This thwarted everybody’s expectations, so it isn’t it right that the book thwarts the reader’s expectations and simply diffuses at the end?

James Clavell’s Gai-Jin : A Novel of Japan

That would be a good ending, and fairly dramatic. The French spy is besotted with a Japanese prostitute, whose Madame is associated with the “shishi” and who exchanges favours for information.

The Namamugi Incident forms the opening of the novel, and the rest of it is taken up with its consequences. They are invariably a thosand pages of narrative that spans a short period of time, packed with an ensemble cast of larger than life characters from another time, in a faraway exotic land; all of whom are battling, loving, hating, spying on, killing, plotting against and sleeping with each other.

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Gai-Jin – Wikipedia

I think this method is fine in this book. King Rat James Clavell. This position puts him at odds with almost everyone around him. Intricately interwoven into the story of the struggle for control of the Noble House is a powerful parallel story of the Land of the Gods, Japan, a country ripped apart by greed, idealism, and terrorism as groups of young xenophobic revolutionaries, ronin, attempt to seize the Shogunate and expel the hated gai-jin from Japan.

Sign up here to receive your FREE alerts. I could almost hear “Wild Horses” being covered in Japanese as the page wrap up montage carried me to freedom from this drivel.

I liked the fact that this book is big enough that there’s something that anyone will like. As Angelique wraps Malcolm around her little finger, we can see a showdown coming between the beauty and the hag. The gaijni of the struggle between Japan and the Gai-jin foreignersand the internal struggle between The Japanese shogunate this ruling clan that gained jams power in th This book is my least favorite in Clavell’s Asian saga.

Clavell presents it as: The setting of the story is not far from the Meiji Restoration, when Emperor Meiji abolished the Shogunate and restored the monarchy. With respect to the traders, there are two big trading houses that play big roles, Struan’s and Brock’s which were both introduced and were the main source of conflict in the previous book. When I realised that, the book was actually more fun, because I couldn’t be sure who is going to prevail, who’s going to die next, who’s going to survive.


Narrative method 2 – the omniscient narrator is reporting a conversation, then memory or not? There’s just too many people and stories to keep track of. Perhaps it is the quintessential saga. Aug 08, Ryan Anderson rated it liked it.

Gai-Jin (Asian Saga, #3) by James Clavell

I got quite irritated with the westeners there, how can they be so dirty, have lice, while the Claavell were so much further in personal hygene. Other books in the series. In Yoshinobu stepped down and returned power to Emperor Meiji.

I suck – for taking 4 months of useful reading time to finish this page book, 6 pages at a time before bed. Yoshi Gajjin, a descendant of Lord Toranaga in Shogun and one of the Council of Elders, narrowly escapes various assassination attempts while he tries to out manoeuvre his fellow councilors, all of whom mistrust each other, as well as hunt down the rogue shishi.

Like Tai-Pan, the ending disappointed me. I would have preferred to have a Shogun-esque story where the main character has to jmaes to acclimate to Chinese culture.