Currently reading- “God Talks with Arjuna: The Bhagavad Gita” translated and explained by Paramahansa Yogananda. This book presents the interpretation by . “The words of Lord Krishna to Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita,” writes Paramahansa Yogananda, “are at once a profound scripture the science of Yoga, union with. God Talks with Arjuna: The Bhagavad Gita is a posthumously published non- fiction book by the Indian yogi and guru Paramahansa Yogananda (–).

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The Royal Science of God-Realization “.

Aug 26, Chandan Priyadarshi rated it it was amazing Shelves: Thanks for telling us about the problem. Customer Ratings Paramahanssa have not received enough ratings to display an average for this book.

The Bhagavad Gita: Royal Science of God-Realization

It helps view the whole Kurukshthra battle in a totally different angle. Sri Krishna’s message in the Bhagavad Gita is the perfect answer for the modern age, and any age.

Paramahansa Yogananda has always been one of my favorite authors, but these books are the best by far. The best choice for anyone looking to get the true meaning out of the Gita itself. Sep 26, Vikram Shah rated it it was amazing.

God Talks with Arjuna: The Bhagavad Gita – Wikipedia

Autobiography of a Yogi Complete Edition. The author’s autobiography contains the same ideas and is a better read. This bring you a totally different perspective on the story of Mahabharata and also sets the scene for the discourse of Gita by Lord Krishna in a refreshing perspective. The best choice for anyone looking to get the true meaning out of the Git [In case this gets combined with other editions of the Bhagavad Gita on Goodreads, I’m specifically referring to “The Bhagavad Gita According to Paramhansa Yogananda.


The astral is from the moral and psychological standpoint—man’s character resulting from the astral Nature-born sensory and life-energy principles that influence the formation of habits, inclinations, and desires.

Oct 30, Estrella rated it it was amazing. Karma yoga, the path of good actions; bhakti yoga, that path of unfailing deep devotion; Jnana yoga, the path of knowledge and wisdom; and raja yoga, especially the kriya-yoga is the quintessence of all yogas favored by royal sages and great yogis in ancient India.

The Bhagavad Gita, according to Yogananda, metaphorically lays out specific steps to achieve this. Occasional parenthetical additions to the text are unobtrusively explanatory and very helpful.

The material interpretation of the Gita pertains to the physical and social duties and well-being of man. This has helped shed a lot of light on living in the world while still looking beyond it.

History, Interpretations and Philosophy”. The Bhagavad Gita ‘the song of the Spirit’ or ‘the song of the Lord’ contains teachings of Bhagavan Krishna in the form of a spiritual dialogue between Sri Krishna and his disciple Arjuna. Books by Paramahansa Yogananda.

The Essence of Bhagavad Gita

Man’s life is a paradox. This is one such book. Goodreads helps you wifh track of books you want to read. We came from God and our ultimate destiny is to return to Him.

Yoga of dutiful action, of nonattachment, and of meditation for God-realization. It starte off fascinating–the first time around.


God Talks with Arjuna: The Bhagavad Gita

Nadkarni notes that God Talks with Arjuna is significant in that unlike other explications of the Bhagavad Gitawhich focused on karma yogajnana yogaand bhakti yoga in relation to the Gita, Aejuna work stresses the training of one’s mind, or raja yoga.

There is nothing that brings immediate peace and calmness to my being then reading the Gita, Yogananda’s commentary brings that great writing alive by paramahanaa explanations of Indian Culture and the Yoga Sutras. Though best with the associated book of commentary: Currently reading- “God Talks with Arjuna: The book is a master piece.

The Bhagavad-Gita for the Modern Reader: The triple qualities of nature three gunas produces man’s three bodies; physical, astral, and spiritual; the physical body consist of 16 gross elements, carbon, paramahansz, hydrogen, etc. There is a great deal of metaphoric language that needs commentary wth us in the West.

It personifies the characters of the battle of M Sometimes you will pick up a book having a set belief in your mind on how it will treat a subject and when you open the pages the book simply blows away your mind.

A real Master piece with a clear purport on each verse filled with spiritual wisdom.

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