GURPS Lite has only three basic “game mechanics”: s u c c e s s GURPS Lite Abridged Rules .. Players are free to select height and weight for their char-. Hi, I just wanted to know if I’m free to give the GURPS lite PDF to my friends or they should register and get it themself from e23? It’s not all of my. Just thought I would post this link for those who might be interested in taking a look at GURPS. This is a FREE download from SteveJackson.

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So when you buy a setting book, you could have the option of getting just basic rules and stripped down skill and dis advantages lists that fit that setting. I cast Walk on Air, climb up the side of the building, Devitalize Air, removed the oxygen from the room they were sleeping in, and left.

Wasting 4 points on Embroidery is a lot different from wasting 20 points on Embroidery. Note this works much better with someone who has an open mind and it works best if you have an established group that someone is joining but I suspect I could convince a group of people to try a very basic complete GURPS gursp as long as I made the world fascinating with plenty of room for the player to create a character they liked.

Still, things have improved. How on earth do people get away with this. How can we get people to try the game without getting buried under hundreds of pages of tables and umpteen zillion splatbooks? Slowly phase in the combat rules first mainly the choices so they are making a conscious choice.

I think it was after the 12th failed attempt by 4 different people over the course of 3 weeks to make a spaceship that even functioned let alone functioned well enough to do what we wanted it to that ultimately drove us away. Over time you, too, may discern the mysteries of 3d6 roll-under systems, and will actually begin to read GURPS Lite for yourself, starting you on your journey to complex-system-snobbery. One was a simple solo “pick your own adventure” style romp through a house with preset encounters and skillchecks, letting you familiarize yourself with the system using prebuilt sample characters.


If you have to roll some dice, roll some dice usually three of them and the GM, who actually has to know the rules, will tell you what happened. The secret is to control the level of buy in required to get their interest.

But in an effort to unify the rule system and character creation, fourth edition actually made it more difficult for new players to digest. October 26th, at My final reason for loving GURPS is the fact that I frfe do whatever I want with nothing more than the core rulebook, a blank notebook, some pens, pencils and erasers, three dice and a group of imaginative gamers.

October 26th, at 9: You may not sell it or include it as part of any product for sale without the written permission of Steve Jackson Games Incorporated. But if as the GM you communicate well to them what you expect, and you listen to what they want out of frre game, tell the story. January 31st, at 7: I read the article and I have to mostly agree. Thanks very much MU, some great advice there. April 14th, at It was one of gurpw most easily understood and used pnp systems ever.

MMORG, movies, skype etc. You could actually build a superhero without breaking all semblance of balance. Was this a different online gaming gurrps than Ultracorps?

GURPS Lite – Wikipedia

The rules were not rules but references, you could gurpa and be and do anything in gurps very easily. You absolutely may not incorporate this game, or parts of it, into another product for distribution in any way. Pen and paper RPGs are already a dwindling subset of geekdom, and everything has taken a chunk out of it.

In frree minimalist universal systems like FATE or FUDGE, you also have to define your system boundaries, but these are more like a basic mechanic for resolving things, and the GM must then define what things are appropriate and add them in. You may not charge for it, except to cover the actual cost of copying.

GURPS Lite (Fourth Edition)

Try sitting bored around a table when players and GMs argue about whether or not a freaking manriki-kusari can drag a maille armored hobelar off his horse or not, or exactly how a magical fireball works.


The two have little to do with each other. Coincidentally, the first available report was inthe year 4th edition came out.

Realismcomplexitygnatsassdetail A variant of the “too complex” postulate is the ljte much realism” postulate. I really thoguht I had looked for something liek that, I must have done it without my glasses on: Create worlds that work well with the players having imperfect understanding of the rules or what is going on. As the PDF is free I don’t really see a reason not to.

It was all there in the basic set, mostly in Characters. In gaming, realism is a useful set of boundary conditions that ensures that things will generally work the way they are observed to work in the real universe.

Or you can spend money on a meh llite and crank out a grindhouse game. Personally, what I hated most about Gurps was the experience system. I playtest new roleplaying games in a bi-monthly basis with my groups and we run with it until it fizzles out.

GURPS Lite (Free Gurps Rules): Sean Punch: : Books

This is a losing proposition on any day. Maybe even one of those missing solo training life. The lamentations of table-top role-players, some things never change. Here you find numerous arguments over historically accurate wielding of guisarme-voulges, gonzo treatises on the mathematics of technical grappling, and similar discussions that would lead a new player who is not a polymath with degrees in engineering and history as well as four black belts and a sharpshooter liet to believe that GURPS is played by crazy people who live on the fringes of simulationism, where there is nothing to do but memorize all those insane rules.

Rules for how fast you can dig. The only way to unnderstand GURPS is to play it, which leads many people into making similar mistakes and fucking up their first character.