*FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Marcion was critical in the emergence of the Catholic Church. Harnack presents Marcion’s historical significance. Adolf Harnack () was a German theologian, scholar and historian. on Marcion called Marcion, das Evangelium vom fremden Gott (Marcion and the . The outlines of Harnack’s landmark monograph on Marcion are well known from summaries and discussions of it as well as through the German original. But it is.

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Marcion explained the Old Testament in its literal sense and rejected every allegorical interpretation. Marcion’s was the first “canon’ of the New Testament.

Gospel of Marcion

Marcion, in all probability, was the first to conceive and, in great measure, to realize the idea of placing Marcikn on the firm foundation of a definite theory of what is Christian- but not of basing marccion on a theological doctrine-and of establishing this theory by a fixed collection of Christian writings with canonical authority. Should Jews take exception to such a posture?

Parsons maarcion Joseph B. The way in which he attempted to sever Christianity from the Old Testament was a bold stroke which demanded the sacrifice of the dearest possession of Christianity as a religion, viz.

They are so committed to their presuppositions that they go to incredible lengths to reimagine the Gospels. Open Preview See a Problem? Andrews is director of the Meeter Center at Calvin College. Harnack can be understood as laboring mightily to bring his readers to view Marcion as standing in continuity with the Lutheran tradition. Finally, the theories of Gnosticism, the paradoxes of Paul, the recognition of the duty of strictly mortifying the flesh, suggested to Marcion the idea that the good God was the exalted Marciob of the spirit, and the just god the god of the sensuous, of the flesh.

The Gospel of the Alien God as an author. I’m reminded how easily we get lost when we don’t start with the right map.


Here is another discussion in which Harnack should have a posthumous say. Adolf von Harnack Adolf Harnack was a German theologian, scholar and historian. Joshua marked it as to-read Apr 21, Published by Boston, Little Matthew rated it it was amazing Dec 28, The differences in the texts below highlight the Marcionite view that Jesus did not follow the Prophets and that the earth is evil.

To ask other readers questions about Marcionplease sign up. The innovations of Marcion are unmistakable. Its reconstructed fragments now appear among the New Testament apocrypha. For this reason his reconstruction of the Marcionite bible was partly based on the view that Marcion removed from the documents many statements that contradicted Marcionite beliefs. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Students of Paul and his reception in the second century a key feature of the Walter Bauer thesisof the history of the New Testament canon, and of the related phenomenon of Gnosticism should also avail themselves of a second look at the Harnack classic.

Essays in Honor of William R. Then the analogy between Paul’s uneasy reception by the Jerusalem Pillars and subsequent bitterness toward them, and Marcion’s less-than-successful bid for recognition at Rome might seem no mere analogy. But, as Feyerabend contends, even the most outlandish-seeming theory may provide just the lens we lacked to see some things about the text that remain invisible otherwise. Adolf von Harnack, Marcion: Marcion’s eschatology is also quite rudimentary.

He couldn’t countenance the God of the Old Testament, and he couldn’t bear the Jewishness of the new faith.

It will always be the glory of Marcion in the early history of the Church that he, the born heathen, could appreciate the religious criticism of the Old Testament religion as formerly exercised by Paul. The Gospel of the Alien God has been translated into English but with the omission of the valuable appendices containing the notes regarding the text of Marcion. He demonstrated the contradictions between the Old Testament and the Gospel in a voluminous work the antithesis.


But if we look more closely we shall see that in Marcion’s mind there can be no thought of equality. Marcion placed the good God madcion love in opposition to the creator of the world.

Harnack on Marcion | Peter Leithart

Marcion, like Paul, felt that the religious’ value of a statutory law with commandments and ceremonies, was very different from that of a uniform law of love. Dave Fernandes marked it as to-read Apr 29, Just imagine that the Epistle had first existed in a Marcionite draft. Any more than it is anti-Hindu to draw distinctions between the Christian and Vedanta God-concepts?

Rhonda Grossley added it Sep 14, Perhaps the Gnostics inherited and interpreted much more than they created. His disciples who had theoretical interests in the matter, no doubt noted the contradictions. One could do worse than to read Harnack along marion John Knox’s Marcion and the New Testament together with the discussion of Knox and his theses in the recent symposium Cadbury, Knox, and Talbert: He had many more gripes as well, but those four are the gist of it.

No union of the sexes was permitted. harnavk

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. But I wonder if sufficient recognition has been given to the importance of this piece of taxonomy. The older attempts to restore the Marcionite Gospel and Apostolicum have been antiquated by Zahn’s Kanonsgeschichte, 1. Marcion had no interest in specially emphasizing the distinction between the good God and Christ, which according to the Magcion Epistles, could not be denied.

They can’t bear the idea that the miracles happened. Here is a frank recognition that there is no meaningful “Judeo-Christian Tradition,” that to maintain that there is, is a veiled attempt to co-opt the older religion in the interests of the younger.