Explore Kelsey Paul’s board “Medicinal Cannabis” on Pinterest. Blanquear los dientes con agua oxigenada Dental Care, Dental Group, Dental Braces, Smile. The growing power of a cannabis seed cannot be underestimated. Seeds have the ability to develop very rapidly; within just hours of moisture being given . We explore how to recognise and fix cannabis over and underwatering, as well as the importance of good quality water.

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Click Here to Listen. We are not aware of any clinical evidence suggesting that it would help treat a virus. See any issues with that? Is it safe to drink hydrogen peroxide H2O2 for medical reasons? I’ve been using it for years as I’ve had periodontal issues. It stings a lot and can cause dryness which increases risk of nosebleedbut i have had it nip an incipient sinus infection in the bud. This kind of endorsement can lead other people to try this based on your n of 1 and possibly not be so lucky.

You can modify your comment below. I used to rinse my mouth with it if i feel like an irritation might be getting infected, but haven’t since my dentist told me that it can actually delay healing, and salt water rinses are effective and less destructive to tissue.

I had been skeptical before, but am sold on this one. I works by releasing one atom of oxygen and leaving behind water. If you make a positive or negative comment about a product, note whether or not you have a financial interest in the product or in a competing product.


We take antioxidents to prevent damage from free radicals so I would have to say that it is not a good idea. The released oxygen is a single atom, the most reactive form that has an ionic charge. You must provide a valid email address. Your N of 1 example is not proof of efficacy, and there are no randomized controlled trials that proves that this folk remedy reliably cures anything when taken internally or by IV.

Changing the solution once a week.

Btw, I and a friend found that coQ10 was very helpful re: It is still being recommended on various pet health internet sites in spite of its potential for causing irritation. Your last name and email address will not be displayed. Didn’t work for me. Simply provide an email address below. He survived the experience, but I never saw any advantages to doing this. Please do not submit any type of HTML markup or scripting as it will not be accepted, nor will comments that exceed 2, characters.

With my dog it never worked — the vets moved on to morphine injections or powder under the eyelid. I tried it and ended up with Harry tongue a very painful tongue condition. It is otherwise unlawful to print, download, store or distribute content from this site without permission.

A single copy of a report may be printed for personal hemk by the subscriber. I rinse the brush before using but not vigorously.

Is Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) Safe to Drink Treating Urinary Tract Infection? |

Send me a copy. On the fourth day, many viruses resolve on their own, or maybe it was an allergy or?


Your edit has been submitted and is being reviewed by ConsumerLab. I was very alarmed and at one point he started to look gray in the face. But I wouldn’t try it with my present dog.

In the original question is was asked about ingesting hydrogen peroxide. Share your thoughts and comments about this topic in the space below. Next time I have trouble shaking a bug, I will do it again. For your privacy, only your first name from your account followed by a random number will appear with your comment. I can’t imagine putting it directly in or on my body anymore than i would bleach. I don’t know if i would tell anyone else to do it though. That is the definition of a free radicle.

Listen to CL’s founder discuss more benefits below! If you make a he,o of fact, such as whether a type of treatment does or does not work, state your basis — such as personal experience or a oxigrnasa study.

Please abide by the following rules: This site is intended for informational purposes only and not to provide medical advice.

Is it safe to drink hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) for medical reasons?

I then rinse with plain water. Please be aware the comment will have to approve the changes before they will be shown:. Please be respectful in your tone.

I work in a functional medical practice that uses a lot of IV therapies. Your message has been sent.