Download Manual for Model 55HDS69 HITACHI PLASMA PartsDirect has parts, manuals & part diagrams for all types of repair projects. Hitachi 55hds69 manual pdf hyundai santa fe parkers kizashi manual transmission personal cinema camry factory. For the latest information, always consult the current HITACHI Service Manual. A subscription to, or additional copies of HITACHI Service Manuals may be.

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It is not necessary to reapply acrylic coating to areas. For your convenience If looking through the Hitachi 55HDS69 user manual directly on this website is not convenient for you, there are two hiatchi solutions: Any current measured must not exceed 0. Connect a coaxial cable to cable terminal of the Rear Panel Jacks.

Page 38 VideoColor TemperatureSet this to High for cooler color with more blue, set to Medium for more natural color, set to Standard for accuratecolor.

When servicing or handling circuit boards and other components which contain lead in solder, avoid unprotected skin contact with solder.

Your component outputs may be labeled Y-CbCr.

PFC This is already adjusted. Removing or reinstalling any component, circuit board, module, or any other instrument assembly. Set this feature to OFF to save electricity. Note This Plasma Television receiver will 55hd6s9 television gitachi captioning, [cel or I Iin accordance with paragraph Voltage IW04 1 3. If unforeseen circumstances create conflict between the following servicing precautions and any of the safety precautions on page mnaual of this publication, always follow the safety precautions.


You may use composite video signal for both inputs. Voltage IWP1 1 2. Avoid touching the Flexible Printed Circuits or the chip tube on the corner of the glass-panel. An exposed metal part not having a return path to the chassis will indicate an open circuit. Do not use an isolation transformer during this test. You must first program the remote tomatch the remote system of your cable box referbelow for pre-codes. At the time of transportation, horizontal style is prohibited.

There are no holes in the board to mount standard transistors or diodes. Use only a grounded-tip soldering 55hd6s9 to solder or desolder ES devices. Immediately before handling any semiconductor component or semiconductor-equipped assembly, drain off any electrostatic charge on your body by touching a known earth ground.

Whenever the unit is moved it should be lifted forward using the top and base on both sides of the Display Monitor for stability. Call your cable operator and msnual them the information from the card to start your cable service.

These servicing instructions are for use by qualified service personnel only. If the provided plug does not fit into your outlet, consult an electrician for replacement of the obsolete outlet. Be sure the insulated jumper wire is dressed so that it does not touch components or sharp edges.

Use a small wire-bristle 0. Manuql can be between black and Slightly from black. A red stand-by indicator lamp located on the lower right corner of the front bezel will illuminate. The following techniques should be used to help reduce the incidence of component damage caused by static electricity.

Cables are optional, except when specified. Perform pre heat-run for 55hfs69 than 20 min.


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However, if you are located in an exceptionally good signal area that is free from interference and multiple image ghosts, an indoor antenna may be sufficient. Remove the solder from all of the pads of the Manyal by using a de-solder braid. Table 2 on pages shows the complete parameter list with a brief description, signal format, the adjustment range and the initial data.

The execution of this function returns the adjustment codes to the preset values, therefore, adjustment data will be lost.

Hitachi 55HDS69 – UltraVision HDS Series Manuals

Fuse ratings appear within the symbol. Use these connections in place of the standard video connection if your device has this feature. Confirm that the picture appears as shown below or similar 2. In some cases, this may cause the temperature of the panel surface to increase.

Unless specified otherwise in these service data, lubrication of contacts is not required. Side panels gray areas are placed to theleft and right of the image to preserve the hitahi ratio of the source.

To reduce the risk of electric shock do not perform any servicing other than that contained in the operating instructions unless you are qualified to do so. If you purchased the wall mount hitqchi option, please ask for professional installer. Do not use freon-propelled spray-on cleaners.

Turn ON your cable box.