März Wann wurde der Brief geschrieben? Wer war Hugo von Hofmannsthal? Wer war Francis Bacon? Was beinhaltet der Brief? Wie wird die. by Aaron Steiner. “The Letter of Lord Chandos” is a fictional letter written by Hugo von Hofmannsthal. The work was published under the title “Ein Brief” (“A. Long recognized as one of the defining texts of literary Modernism, Hofmannsthal’s “Ein Brief” (“The Letter of Lord Chandos”) remains a very.

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It was far more and far less than pity: Confusion plagues Chandos despite moments of heightened stimulation or transcendence, and he is still unable to write. This is not the threshold to modernity, but the threshold of modernity, one that appears in many modern and contemporary texts as a threat and a promise. He wanted the world to open up to him, and it did, thereby taking from him the ability to speak coherently.

On the Chaos in Chandos: Hofmannsthal on Modernity’s Threshold | Patrick Greaney –

But he also writes that these moments are confusing and do chandox good to help his language crisis: Another opinion on The Lord Chandos Letter is that it is evidence of an existential crisis. All subsequent references will be made in the body of the text. Chandos replies reluctantly, just as the Jovian poet does, fearing the outbreak of violence from within. That this work is fiction is reinforced by the fact that Hofmannsthal had a literary career past the publishing of The Lord Chandos Letterwhereas Lord Chandos promises never to compose again.

In the letter, Lord Chandos claims that he is experiencing a crisis of language that has rendered him hofmannstbal to write as he has written in the past. There are few instances in all literature of a writer abandoning the forms that had gained him fame, but Hofmannsthal did just that.

What was it that made me want to break into words which, I know, were I to find them, would force to their knees those cherubim in whom I do not believe? I am rebuilding a wing nofmannsthal my house and am capable of conversing occasionally hofmannsthhal the architect concerning the progress of his work; I administer my estates, and my tenants and employees may find me, perhaps, somewhat more taciturn but no less benevolent than of yore. Plato I avoided, for I dreaded the perilousness of his imagination.


Apart from these strange occurrences, which, incidentally, I hardly know whether to ascribe to the mind or the body, I live a life of barely believable vacuity, and have bgief in concealing from my wife this inner stagnation, and brkef my servants the indifference wherewith I contemplate the affairs of my estates.

Camden House,86; H. These ideas, I understood them well: He feels Hofmannsthal expresses dilemmas of the self and of language.

Single words floated round me; they congealed into eyes which stared at me and into which I was forced to stare back-whirlpools which gave me vertigo and, reeling incessantly, led into the void. What would literary knowledge look like here? I, however, am deeply affected by the affair, which would have remained the same even had Domitius shed bitter tears of sorrow over his wives.

The end result is Chanfos as a broken man mourning his lost abilities. I cannot expect you to understand me without examples, and I must plead your indulgence for their absurdity. Hardly do I know whether I am still the same person to whom your precious letter is addressed.

Joel Rotenberg New York: These mute and, on occasion, inanimate creatures rise toward me with such an abundance, such a presence of love, that my enchanted eye can find nothing in sight void of life. None of them, standing with doffed cap before the door of his house while I ride by of an evening, will have any idea that my glance, which he is wont respectfully to catch, glides with longing over the rickety boards under which he searches for earthworms for fishing-bait; that it plunges through the latticed window into the stuffy chamber where, in a corner, the low bed with its chequered linen seems forever to be waiting for someone to die or another to be born; that my eye lingers long upon the ugly puppies or upon a cat stealing stealthily among the flower-pots; and that it seeks among all the poor and clumsy objects of a peasant’s life for the one whose insignificant form, whose unnoticed being, whose mute existence, can become the source of that mysterious, wordless, and boundless ecstasy.

He has reached a crisis point in his career concerning language and its ability to adequately express the human experience.

The Letter of Lord Chandos

But the effects of speech acts are not always mundane. This is how he summarizes his intentions: For if you did, my example would have been poorly chosen.


Michael Morton, another critic, views the crisis reflected in The Lord Chandos Letter as a set of predicaments. The work begins with a single introductory sentence, most likely the work of an editor, explaining that the letter, written by Lord Philip Chandos, son of the Earl of Bath, and addressed to Sir Francis Bacon, will apologize for a bbrief of literary activity.

I assure you, my friend, I carried this vision within me, and the vision of burning Carthage, too; but there was more, something more divine, more bestial; and it was the Present, the fullest, most exalted Present.

This explains the title which I had intended to give to this encyclopedic book. Lastly he turned to the classics, works by Cicero and Senecain an attempt to cure his literary ailment but could make no sense of them and his condition continued to decline.

This affair has turned out well or ill for this or that person; Sheriff N. He was counted among hofmannsthsl Young Vienna literary circle from early on, joining the ranks of Chzndos Schnitzler and Gerhard Hauptmann, among others. I found it impossible to express an opinion on the affairs at Court, the hofmannzthal in Parliament, or whatever you wish. Chandos may have given up his apophtheg- matic project, but it still serves as an initiation hifmannsthal a hofmannstgal form of life that he seems to enjoy writing about.

The whole work was to have been entitled Nosce te ipsum. Ellen Ritter Frankfurt am Main: I saw their wonderful interplay rise before me like magnificent fountains upon which played golden balls. It shows how writing might already be social and a powerful form of acting. And it may just slightly modify the autobiographical emphasis. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

I could hover around them and watch how they played, one with the other; but they were concerned only with each other, and the most prof6und, most personal quality of my thinking remained excluded from this magic circle. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.