Fujitsu’s LifeBook Uan ultrasmall convertible tablet and laptop–is a pound, palm-size Windows Vista system whose lilliputian. Fujitsu Computer Systems Corporation today announced the availability of the palm-sized LifeBook(R) U mini convertible notebook. The Fujitsu LifeBook U mini notebook is part of the second wave of UMPCs running on Intel’s new energy-efficient Ultra Mobile Platform.

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I switched the orientation for the photo because I didn’t want the Fujitsu logo upside down.

Fujitsu-Siemens LifeBook U810

This leaves more than enough room for the Vista-A combo to do their thing without making much of jtml impact on my work.

When holding the unit with both hands, it is more natural to hold it near the center to balance the weight and to reach the mouse pointer and other controls. Skip to main content.

The mini notebook was impossible to ignore. It was a significant ht,l not only because it marked Fujitsu’s entrance into the handheld PC market, but also because the Vista-based unit lacked two of the most highly criticized characteristics of previous devices: The chassis is sturdy and I didn’t notice any flex.

I u8810 seen the white, red, and blue tops that are available elsewhere in person, but if they’re anything like the U I’ve got in my hands, their finish is smooth and scratch-resistant. Does the smaller, more expensive unit have a solid place beside the alternatives, especially now that less powerful devices are becoming more robust and similarly capable ones are receiving drastic price cuts?

The Fujitsu Htmll U is equipped with a key miniaturized keyboard that looks and feels very much like a standard keyboard. From a design standpoint, the 1.

Timed Tests I’ve also said before that time is more important to me than benchmarks. Actual runtime depends on screen brightness levels, usage, power settings, and other factors, but I’d say the U puts y810 a good 4. Hardware Central The U doesn’t pretend to be suitable for everybody. Fujitsu LifeBook U Source: It runs on Intel’s A processor and has a 40GB hard drive.


Knowing, for example, that the Samsung Q1P takes 12 seconds to awaken from standby is infinitely more valuable to me than that it decompresses a file at a rate of Country Selector Caribbean Change.

The shimmering topcoat used on the top of the U is absent from the rest of the casing, which is fashioned largely out of somewhat flimsy matte plastic. Overall I am impressed with the U The writing area is small, but the bezel provides a wide enough palm-rest to make inking slightly more comfortable. We’ve always liked UMPCs in theory–shrinking a laptop down in size to something you can almost pocket–but these systems, including the OQO model 02 and the Sony VAIO UX, shed so much usability and so many features along the way that they are more like souped-up smart phones than actual computers.

But if you need more power than you can get with a PDA or smartphone but can’t stand the idea of u8810 a full-sized notebook, the Fujitsu could be exactly the mobile computer you need.

Additional controls and other features are scattered around the screen bezel. While most chiclet-style thumboards require deliberate presses of tightly spaced keys, little more than a light tap almost anywhere on the half-inch keys some are smaller and the space bar is about an inch long is needed to type on the U Cursor Control The cursor control, or mouse pointer, is a rubber square with a bumpy surface that acts as grip for your thumb.

Fujitsu has taken a Windows PC users can decide whether to have Vista or XP preinstalled and shrunk it as much as possible so it can be carried around much more easily than a standard or an ultralight notebook.

Fujitsu integrates the core expertise of our skilled resources and Business Partners to deliver IT Infrastructure solutions and services that position our customers for growth. When used in landscape gtml mode, the controls htlm actually designed to be above the display, not below it as shown above, so that the mouse pointer is under your right thumb.


Status Indicator Panel Below the keyboard is a foursome of status indicators left to right: The convertible notebook form factor adopted by the handtop is one that is u8810 recognizable to just about everyone.

Rugged PC – Rugged Tablet PCs: Fujitsu U Series

Controls In addition to the convertible design, the navigational controls on the U are key to the unit’s usage versatility. While most full-size keyboards generally have a 19mm key pitch distance between keys and 2. The mini-keyboard has a little flex, which reminded me of the LifeBook T It flips automatically when swiveling the screen clockwise direction only to convert the notebook into a slate but can also be adjusted manually to suit personal preferences.

Fujitsu-Siemens Lifebook U Serie. Unlike in other parts of the world, Fujitsu offers the U to the United States in just one color: I can’t say it would be a permanent replacement to a full-size tablet or notebook, but it is a great travel companion.

Click over to my U unboxing for photos of the packaging, included accessories, and the factory-fresh mini notebook itself.

Is that an absurd claim? Sporting a versatile design, intuitive controls, best-in-class keyboard, and outstanding battery life, it was well received by mobile tech enthusiasts and the star of many favorable reviews. Fujitsu is a leading provider of htmp IT and communications solutions for the global marketplace.

There’s even a touch of silvery shimmer mixed in for good measure. One of the main advantages of the design is its versatility.