working to HVCA TR19 standards. “Poorly maintained kitchen extraction ductwork is a huge fire risk with mounting evidence that insurance companies are . Capitla Cleaning provide unrivalled service within this field. DW/TM2 () and TR17 ( and ). Heating and. Ventilating. Contractors’. Association. HVCA. Internal. Cleanliness of Ventilation. Systems. TR /

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For example, With the introduction of the Fire Safety Order – the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order init is now the owners and managers of premises who rt19 the full responsibility for ensuring the safety of building occupants – a role which before October was effectively carried out by the Fire Authorities by issuing Fire Certificates. Td19significant production of grease during tr119 food production.

Where possible, equipment is pulled out to ensure that thorough cleaning can be achieved both beneath and behind the equipment. Capping-off the ducts is often used as a potential solution, but even then it is not necessarily fool-proof – and it does add significant additional expense.

The Heating and Ventilating Contractors’ Association represents those responsible for the design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of heating, rr19, air conditioning and refrigeration products and equipment.

Stainless steel splashbacks provide an ideal wall covering within food preparation areas where washable surfaces hcca not only essential but also a pre-requisite of UK health regulations. The Act prescribes that the occupier of a premises has a “duty of care” so far as is reasonably practicable to prevent risks of injury including any serious illness.

Request a Call Back. Natural ventilation which relies on wind pressure and temperature differences to move fresh air through a building and is usually not fully controllable. Some local authorities no longer permit the use of ceramic tiles to the rear of the cookline as these may crack and provide an area for grease ingress as well as a potential harbour of vermin and bacteria. The majority of the SDU’s are specified to be fitted to house the electrical and mechanical services where the kitchen appliances are set out in an island configuration, however vhca they may be required to serve wall mounted ranges.


These hidden sections require specialist attention for cleaning to TR19 standard. Access panels, screw yvca, should be provided to gain access to the risers and spines as per customer requirements. How do you go about cleaning a Kitchen Extract Hvvca Internal Cleanliness of Ventilation Systems. Competent persons or a specialist company must be employed to carry out the gas and electrical work to comply with the relevant regulations.

To hvcca, in the absence of proper standardisation, you are best advised to find a cleaning company with a good track record who is a member of a reputable trade organisation such as the HVCA, and who will give a written certificate to confirm that the work they have undertaken follows the most appropriate standards and guidelines.

TRstandard – Pro-Duct Clean

The frequency of testing and cleaning if required is dependent on usage. To be a member of the HVCA a company has to have been trading for at least three years and pass an independant audit for methods and systems. A planned, regular ventilation, ductwork, vent, fan and filter cleaning programme undertaken by Essex ventilation hygiene specialists will help to satisfy this law and minimise the most common cause of fires within commercial catering establishments. Once cleaned, all excess dirt and cleaning chemicals are cleaned off all surfaces.

If this is required it will have been agreed witht he client prior to work commencing. A new table provides clearer guidance to assist in assessing the requirements for cleaning particularly where cooking methods produce high volumes of airborne grease contaminants.

Essex Ventilation Hygiene Specialists can help you to achieve up to 5 stars. Guide to Good Practice: On completion of the survey Duct Cleaning Ireland will provide the results which will hcva established the level measurement of grease.


Similarly, following other types of cleaning, such as a Kitchen Deep Clean, the cleaning hvcca may issue a certificate stating that the work has been done and saying how long it is valid for, and against which standards the cleaning has been completed.


The client is invited tf19 inspect the work and once satisfied sign a customer acceptance form. SDU’s should be manufactured from folded and welded type grade stainless steel.

What is our technician looking for in the course of the free survey? The SDU’s can also be designed to have both services risers on one end and a supporting leg tr119 the other.

Canopy Fan Cleaning Blog

Establishes a level of particulate cleanliness verification for both new and existing ventilation systems and an indication of when it is considered appropriate to clean systems in use. It is practically impossible to keep ductwork clean by ‘capping off’; partly because you have to have the system open in order to erect new duct sections, and that is during the busy, dusty, daytime site working periods.

The entire canopy structure is degreased, and the surrounding back panels, walls and ceiling areas are also thoroughly cleaned. In accordance with BS, electrical and mechanical services must be separated and must be water tight. In nine out of ten fires linked to catering facilities, grease deposits in grease extract ducting have ignited to make fires more widespread and destructive.

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