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Ministry of Culture does help public libraries by granting funds for book purchase, and Belgrade book fair is the top date for this transaction.

We shall treat the two instances separately in this section and we have annexed accordingly two separate bibliographies.

On the other hand, Serbian natives are, by definition, unsuitable candidates for such a venture, and they accomplish much better results in translating from Arabic. Inits presence was Arabic literary translation in Serbia is burdened with maybe even too many problems.

Ne – pravo svakoga je da odabere kako e se oblaciti. Transition 2 uvvodjenje was unfortunately simultaneous with ljubavj dissolution and the two factors influenced on every sphere of life, translation and publishing included. Even though these translations encompass several works of classics like Nobel laureate uvodjenjd the literature in Ivo Andric and famous Yugoslav writer from Bosnia Mehmed Mesa Selimovic, we cannot be pleased with the situation, past or current.

Uvoenje Zaljubjenih u Vrt Ljubavi – Ibn Kajim

The explanation for this tremendous shortage of translations of Serbian literature is quite simple uuvodjenje literary translators from Serbian do not exist in the Arab world. Although we are quite aware that such classification has its flaws and that the proposed terms are very broad and ambiguous, we believe that they could serve the current zaljubljsnih considering the uvodhenje of any other ones.

The main uvodjenke of this paper will be on the translations of Arabic literature from Arabic and via other languages. Zlatni zmaj, Beograd: Given all previously said, we find it quite challenging to discuss major phases in Arabic translation tradition in Serbia. And we even more support that idea regarding Arabic literature. Iblis je u Bibliji prozvan propali andjeo, dok u Kuranu nije. The reason for that is that the previous source for the basic data, Yugoslav Bibliographical Institute had ceased to exist, and the task of monitoring, gathering and registering the relevant information on the number of translated books was transferred to the National Library of Serbia.


As it had to be expected, Egyptian and Syrian prose are the best presented literatures of the Arab world in Serbia. The most significant attribute of this period was the appearance and development of true founders of Arabic translation. The possible solutions for this problem are several. We should probably be most proud of the fact that someone had translated and published anything from the Arabic if we recall the general statistics for that period.

If we had had done differently, the contents of the table would have been very different, i. It was most probably organized by the Palestinian embassy and it offered only non- literary books about political issues.

Seven books had been published in more than one edition in that period 6 literary and one non-literary: It is quite clear that the Arabs remain completely deprived of the numerous excellent works that represent other phases of the Serbian literature, in spite of the existing curiosity among Arab intellectuals and cultural activists.

That means that Arabic literature represented 0. Percentage of the estimated tax free price of the whole print run can also be taken as the basis of the payment. Almost all of the book events that matter and get media attention are situated in Belgrade.

There are only a few publishing houses in Serbia that have translation production based on clear publishing criteria, and even less those which base the criteria on artistic and other qualities of the chosen title.

Translations from Arabic into Serbian 5 The chart was taken from: Thus we differentiate single volume books from articles or component parts, on one hand, and literary and non-literary translations on the other.

For example, Serbian publishers often choose to print books in Latin letters so that they could sell it in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The editors and the contributors were predominantly teachers of the Oriental Department at the Belgrade University. Kahlil Jubran is the most translated representative of Uvodjenjw literature by far.

iajjim We are not able to provide exact figures for the dynamics of book sale, but it is quite clear that direct translations from Arabic rarely live the second edition, and the third has so far been pure science fiction. In afore mentioned list, only one person is actively employed there, and one is a retired professor. His works, 16 of them, were published in numerous editions, and translated from English and Arabic by nine translators!

Considering all the circumstances, we must be pleased with the accomplishments since the working conditions for Arabic translators were more than difficult. Distribution of books in general also conveys to the laws of centralism, as we have mentioned it previously.


Uvodjenje Zaljubljenih U Vrt Ljubavi : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

And many of the publishers actually succeed in these intentions, especially with the inexperienced translators. Likewise, the Serbian public had the chance to read an artistic description of Cairo by Gamal Ghitany in Cairo throughout years We highlight that publishers and translators rarely decide to ask an expert for, except for the uvodjenjs ones. Why would someone turn to translating via intermediary language if the translators for Arabic already exist and actively participate in the translation business?

For example, in two of three problematic novels Girls from Riyadh, ; A Runaway Wife,the names of zaljubljebih authors themselves were transferred incorrectly because of the wrong understanding of the English transcription of Arabic names.

This only makes the role of the translator as the mediator even more important. U ime Allaha Milostivog Samilosnog. The increasing number of religion related translations corresponds to similar trends in the Arab world.

Sometimes they are accompanied with interviews with persons of interest and associated texts that zalubljenih the writer and the book. As we previously mentioned, most of the literary works published in periodicals were later gathered and published in various anthologies and story collections. Kajjkm, Novi Sad: The period is covered by information obtained from the Serbian Republic Institute for Statistics.

Zaljybljenih could inform themselves on the most current news; they could organize workshops and meetings to exchange experiences, or even specialized courses.

Not only that they publish translations, but they also give room to publishing various literary studies that shed more light on this literature. Last but not the least, publishing houses from former Yugoslav republics, especially those which once spoke Serbo-Croatian Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovinacontinued to distribute their products in the whole Yugoslav territory, and that should be taken into consideration separately iajjim it imposes some new issues.

The most striking is the ratio between non-religious and religious publications: Hussein, Braille edition] Log In Sign Up.