This version of this document supersedes any and all previous versions of the ICVERIFY for Windows Setup Guide. Revision Date: 01 March ICVERIFY. Processor Setup Guide Last updated: January Processor Setup Guide Document Number: en_US PayPal, Inc. All rights reserved. PayPal is a registered . If you are not certain how to perform these tasks, or do not know if your computer is capable of running the software, please refer to the ICVERIFY Setup Guide.

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June PayPal More information. Baud Rate Network Add not used Not used. Either it can search automatically, or you can specify the directory.

ICVERIFY for Windows Version 4.0, Release 4 Setup Guide

You will also be prompted to check your history data in the upgraded build and then delete the old data directories securely using the new Civerify tool before performing any authorizations.

Put Y if the merchant is an international merchant and N for a domestic setup This field allows you to indicate whether this copy of software is being used in the US, Canada or some other country. From the Edit menu, choose Options. The following screen shot Figure 47 shows the information you must supply to configure your software to interact with FEXCO, First Data s foreign currency partner, over the Icgerify.

Some records contain a cmo field type.

Decimal points are not required, but recommended. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval More information. Host-Based Processing Host-based Processors maintain the open batch for you. If you are responsible for installing both applications, we urge gujde to familiarize yourself with the User Manager installation process.

Processor Setup Guide – PDF

Order Processing Guide Yahoo! Page 13 of CardControl Credit Card Processing Overview Credit card guise is a very complex and important system for anyone that sells goods. The client data used in these manuals is purely fictional. In addition to processing credit cards, many Processing Networks also handle debit card and check transactions. Select the default Initialize String or if you require specific installation string arguments, refer to the Master Station Command Line Icvericy section later in this chapter.


Chapter 3 describes the Bank Card Industry. If this option is set Page of Merchant Discount Rates are calculated using a cost-based interchange methodology, based upon the economic characteristics of the products you sell, the industry segment to which you belong, and the processing characteristics of that industry segment.

The length of the serial number is 13 ssetup and the length of the checksum is 4 bytes giving a total length of 17 bytes. This field indicates whether the card used in the transaction is a consumer, corporate, purchasing or icverofy card. Logging in to Your Account p. This field is present only for GE private label transaction responses Promo Duration. Be sure you understand the expectations your acquiring bank and processing network place on you.

If you have a multi-user license, enter the number of users you have licensed.

ICVERIFY for Windows Version Software Developer s Kit Guide – PDF

Number of Customer Receipts This parameter controls the number of customer-copy receipts you want the software to print automatically on completing a transaction.

This must be set for all merchants. You can skip this section if you are not using First Horizon. Terminalbased Settlement Terminal-based processors require that the merchant connect to the network and submit the open batch which contains all of the transactions that were previously approved for settlement before the funds from the approved transactions are deposited into your account. All trademarks, service marks and trade names referenced in this material are the property of their respective owners.


Some Host-Based Processors do require a settlement to be performed; however, only batch totals are sent unless an out-of-balance condition is encountered. Shoppers are increasingly turning to online options, guude their access More information. Page 96 of To register online icverofy a later time, load the Advanced Setup program and select Register from the File menu.

Datamark uses the Internet access for First Data s South platform, so this information will be similar to the information used to configure the IPN network, discussed earlier in this chapter.

To start the Setup Wizard, click Next from the screen shown in Figure It provides a cryptographic check of the information embossed on the card. The user will see a Waiting for Response from Master Station message flicker for approximately 30 seconds. You may wish to set up at least one substation in order to perform these functions.

Guidelines for Accepting Credit Cards as a Form of Payment for Education, Registration and Other Fees Background Over the past few years, the use of credit cards as a payment option for purchasing goods.

Table of Contents Clickable Links:. Click Next on the Upgrade Wizard welcome screen. Select one of the options defined in Table 3. If split dialing is set up, verify that the field is set to the code for the main processor. Each substation must be assigned a unique three-digit station number used to identify that substation to the master station when processing transactions.

Consult your merchant bank if you are unsure what your audit obligations are.