The story from II Pecorone centres on the adventures of a young man called Giannetto,l who corresponds to Shakespeare’s. Bassanio. He is the godson of a. Appendix 4: Il Pecorone. IL PECORONE is a collection of tales by Ser Giovanni. It was written in Italian at the end of the. 14th Century and printed in Milan in. The Pecorone of Ser Giovanni, now first tr. into English by W. G. Waters; choicely illus. by E. R. Hughes. Main Author: Giovanni, Fiorentino, 14th cent. Related.

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Catalog Record: The Pecorone of Ser Giovanni | Hathi Trust Digital Library

The compiler of the novel says in conclusion pecorond the pride of the Pisans was for this time brought low, 3 but makes no mention of the final subjugation by Florence.

For a time we are treated to historical romance combined with intrigue, but in the end he settles down to present as novels adaptations, or in some cases actual transcriptions of certain chapters of Giovanni Villani’s chronicles, some- times laying Livy under contribution as well. She engaged for him a tutor, and provided him with books and with all that he needed, and, having commended him to God, sent him to Bologna, where she let him abide several years, and gave him whatso- ever he might require.

When he went forth from the chamber he told the story pecodone all the barons and to his friends about the pecorrone, and from this adventure the love between this pair became greater than ever. When his eyes and mine met, he recognized me, and having seized me, bore me away forthwith down to the Rhone, where he had i ready a boat for his own voyage.

Giovanni, Fiorentino, 14th cent. Then come back to me.

When the lady saw this she said, ‘All is well,’ and quickly undressed herself and lay down beside Giannetto, who lost no time, but, as soon as the lady was under the sheets, he turned to her and embraced her, saying, ‘Now I have that which I have so long desired,’ and with these words he gave her the greeting of holy matrimony, and all that night she lay in his arms; wherefore she was well content.

Oblivion has fallen thickly over all of them. To call a book ” II Pecorone,” the big sheep or the simpleton, is exactly what would have been done by a writer who wanted to follow the style of academies like the ” Insensati,” the ” Storditi,” or of any other of the kindred societies which sprang up at the beginning of the sixteenth century, such as the coterie ” I Vig- naiuoli ” at Rome, the members of which called themselves II Mosto, L’Agresto, II Cotogno, and so forth.

Liberty was recovered by the familiar method of a street battle ; but, though she managed to get rid of her tyrant, Florence was greatly weakened and impoverished by the struggle, and, after the further excesses and misrule which prevailed during the Ciompi tumults, the final triumph of the nobili popolani was easily achieved.

If I so long in angry mood have striven, That was the fault of this same traitor loon Whose slanderous tongue thy love from mine hath riven ; Wherefore, I pray thee, hold me now forgiven, So thou to me, and I to thee be near.


There were merrymakings and feastings many and sumptuous, and when Giannetto came forth from the chamber they made him a cavalier and set him upon the throne, giving him pecornoe wand to hold in his hand, and proclaiming him lord with much state and rejoicing. A few days later a letter came to her, telling her that her son was dead ; whereupon, being a wise woman, she took thought and said, f I see there is no one in the world who is free from sorrow.

You fool, to go and spoil all this good linen. Having come to Viterbo he made me his wife with great rejoicing, and took me to his house, but by the will of Fortune he died a month later, and it is because of his death that I went away ; for, he being dead, I was forced to go back to live with my brothers, and I abode with them until lately in great weariness and tribulation.

The book was put together at the end of the thirteenth century, and after a lapse of some fifty years the ” Decameron ” followed it, lifting the curtain upon another world, and bridging completely the gulf lying between the Middle Ages and the dawn of the Renaissance.

In this fashion Buondelmonte took vengeance upon Madonna Nicolosa for the trick she had played him, as I have already told you. Items from these collections can be copied into your own private collection. And for the reason that they knew so well how to keep secret their meetings and to bear the yoke of bright-eyed love, they have supplied me with matter wherewith to build up the book which follows, especially when I came to hear of their graceful inventions, their seemly bearing, and of the amorous conversation they held with one another in order to mitigate the burning flame of love which consumed them.

Poggiali suggests the theory that this work might have been written by the author of the “Pecorone;” but, as he had never seen it — he declares it to be exceedingly scarce — he refrains judiciously from any more definite assertion, and likewise refuses to admit that its religious character goes in any way to prove that its author — whether he wrote the ” Pecorone ” or not — took charge of the Franciscan order on the founder’s death.

While we were together on the boat this gentleman became enamoured of me, and asked me in marriage of my brother, who readily gave consent, and I was willing to take him as my husband.

The lady asked what ailed him, and he replied that nothing was amiss; but she began to question him, saying, ‘Certes, you are troubled with something you are loth to tell me,’ and she spake so much on the matter that at last Messer Giannetto told her how Messer Ansaldo was held in pledge for ten thousand ducats, and that the time for repayment expired this very day. When it was drawing towards evening Bucciolo, who knew naught of these preparations, went innocently to the master, and said to him, 4 1 am now going to the lady’s house.

Once there came hither from Florence a youth whose name was Giannetto. And if I had not chanced to get me quickly out of her reach, I should surely have been made to taste the quality of a heavy crossbar which she had in her hand. It was moreover told to him how divers gallants jousted to gain her love ; wherefore he bought him horses and implements for jousting, and, having clad himself in rich and honourable fashion, and put in his purse money enough, and betaken himself to Florence, he began to scatter his gold and to consort with the young gallants of the city.


This Bindo, who was very rich, had three stalwart sons, and when he lay on his deathbed he bade come to him the eldest and the second born, and in their presence he made his will and left them heirs of all he possessed in the world. It is fashioned on the contemporary Italian model, and with regard to form it is quite unlike the crude presentments of the undisciplined fancies of Minne- singer and Troubadour. He was a strong ruler, and made himself respected by the equal justice he maintained towards men of all classes.

I turned and left her there. He, knowing that Messer Stricca had gone to Perugia, set forth at a befitting hour in the evening towards the dwelling of her whom he loved as he loved his own eyes. If there should be any- thing here which pleases you, take it at once, for all these wares are paid for already. Then the lady went on, c The next time you see him, tell him, from me, to send me a gown of cloth like that which his sister wore this morning in church.

I myself saw him enter. Therefore, if you wish to catch him, put on my raiment, and wrap a cloth round your head, and go down to the loggia. Of these the first-named is Milanese and the others Florentine.

Il Pecorone and Merchant of Venice by Trent Dahlin on Prezi

Lifting my eyes a maiden fair I spied, With bow in hand and arrows by her side, While meseemed her dainty weed, Angel’s colour white and fine. What is the reason of this? Of the Tartars, and of their first emperor named Can. She, when she observed his doings, was well advised that this scholar was beginning to be enamoured of her.

Moreover, the master had more than once been seized with jealousy on her account ; for during the winter it was his wont to sleep at the schools, in order that he might give instruction to the scholars during the evening, while his wife was left alone in the house with the maid. May God give him a bad Easter and a bad year! Thereupon the lady took him by the hand and led him into the room, and, having made him sit down beside her, asked him how he fared.

Go to Public Collections to browse other people’s collections. When all the barons and ladies of the land were come to court, Giannetto took to wife the lady with rejoicings and delights so great that they can neither be described nor imagined.

I stripped off my woman’s garb, and donned a habit such as friars wear.