After the lack luster across the board performance of Ilford DD-X (Which I films) I decided to give another Ilford developer a try, Perceptol. Ilford Perceptol is an extra fine grain film developer producing excellent image quality. Designed for use when very fine grain negatives are required but a. Ilford Perceptol is a fine grain developer for black and white negative films. Perceptol yields ultra-fine grain and excellent image quality. It is.

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Or are you a darkroom pro and know all the tips and tricks like the back of your hand?! I think it is the other way around Norm.

Ilford Perceptol Developer (Powder) for Black & B&H

Please check your local sales tax laws. I’ve found Microdol-X to be an okay substitute, but I really don’t like the brown stain is leaves on my negatives. Have you just exposed your first film and now you are looking for the right photographic chemicals to develop it? The digital revolution has meant that this desire lost its appeal for a couple of years, but, like all good things, it won’t stay Compard R09 Spezial ml Content 0.

I have used Perceptol, but not extensively. Accutance developers as most of us know are not fine grain.


I scan my negs, and found that Perceptol works well for this purpose — I think that it gave me my “most scannable” negs ever from HP5 Plus. You must log in or sign ilord to reply here. Customer evaluation for “Ilford Perceptol fine grain film developer for 1l”. What I found was that the film had to be rated at a lower speed.

So Tell Me About Ilford Perceptol

If you are shooting a small pperceptol like 35mm film, it’s great that it brings out details. I thought I read in the archives that this developer was discontinued. Right now it’s my main developer; I still have gallon boxes, instead of the pansy liter ones. Place your order by 5pm and your order will ship the same day.

Perceptol is used when the highest possible image sharpness and detail reproduction are required. Whether beginner, ambitious hobby photographer or professional, we have almost all the analogue films available on the market Since the only developing agent is metol, perceptkl is kept in check making it a good choice for scenes with a high scene brightness ratio. At stock strength, grain size is incredibly small.

Jersey Channel Islands Posts: It’s still listed in Ilford’s range.

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Recipes & dev times using Developer Ilford Perceptol

Exploring Ilford — Part 2 — Perceptol. It would have to be appreciably finer grain to make it worth my while, given the reduction in the number of films it can develop. I’m not ilfors if it is the same with all films. Your name or email address: Kodak D powder developer to make 3.

HP5 is very good with Perceptol. I asked this question before some time ago but I still don’t understand how this is possible. Tripod and mirror lock, too. Foma universal developer 1l Content 1 Liter.

So Tell Me About Ilford Perceptol | Photography Forums

I read long ago some where on the net that Perceptol can be used like this: Are my calculations sound? Ilford Rapid Fixer 1l Content 1 Liter. Ilford DDX vs Perceptol. With Delta Next film on the perrceptol is Delta and I was even more impressed with the results. If you mixed the 1 ltr stock with 3 liters of water you would have 4 ltrs of developer to use right away.

Kodak Dektol powder paper developer to make 3. And in MF, I can’t find the grain on an 8X10 proof.