Hailed by ESPN as the world’s most famous female basketball player, Brittney Griner, the dunking phenom and national sensation who is shattering stereotype.. . Brittney Griner, the second-leading career scorer at the top level of and ultimately liberating memoir, “In My Skin: My Life on and Off the. Brittney Griner, 6’8” wunderkind of women’s basketball, shows herself to be one of the latter types of athletes in her memoir, In My.

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Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Apr 07, Jaylia rated it liked it. Read reviews grinet mention brittney griner young woman great read women basketball role model highly recommend really enjoyed great book recommend this book well written feels like reading this book must read watch some games easy read high school excellent read kim mulkey true to herself getting to know.

He is an assistant editor for the online literary journal Spartan spartanlit. Oct 19, Divya rated it it was amazing. It was great to hear her talk about her successes as well as the things she struggles with. She is freakishly tall, mannish, not a trendy dresser, an athlete, black and a lesbian.

Brittneu, too, are the highs: The resulting portrait can be wickedly unflattering.

Otherwise, you will threaten the man. The book is written in the first person, but many parts, especially those where she dissects complicated relationships and lessons le I enjoyed the book. Brittney guides you through her mind and soulful feelings like how she took on a one game suspension at the Baylor vs Texas Tech game when she punched Jordan Barncastle, and how she broke up with her girlfriend and never could trust anybody again.

In addition to the story above she also bbrittney that at times while she was skkin in college she felt like she couldn’t go to the rim too hard, pointing out that LeBron James, for example, probably never worries about coming across too strong. It is her story, told her way. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. In this sense, her ability to grow and become her own person provide hope for others in similar situations.


Mar 07, Jory rated it liked it. Oct 24, Jack Kenzakowski rated it really liked it. Want to Read saving….

She is still young, she makes mistakes, but she keeps learning. By taking excerpts from ij book, like the one above, I can ask the students whether or not they brittnney able to create a mental picture of that particular scene.

I like how the book starts because right away you get a feeling for who she is as a person and it’s a positive feeling because she talks I am usually a really slow reader but I read this book in less than two days because I liked it so britntey. One or more items could not be added because you are not logged in. Through the highs and lows, Griner has learned to remain true to herself, rising above the haters trying to take her down.

I don’t keep up with sports at all. Ships from and sold by Amazon.

Review: IN MY SKIN by Brittney Griner

May 28, Jennifer Hightower rated it it was ok. Griner went through struggles when she was growing up with her dad and her identity of who she was but when you watch her on the court you would never guess that. I have been fascinated by her since seeing her on TV for several years during March Madness.

I had to buy this as part of a class and I really enjoyed the book. Her entire basketball career—started almost accidentally at the beginning of high school—feels, in the book, like it almost slides by in the background of a much broader and universal story of a girl growing into a woman and looking to be loved.

The titles of each chapter are good because they’re weird and interesting which makes you want to read it to find out what they mean.

Junior High was awful for everyone, but I wouldn’t have wanted to be the tall girl people tried to prove was a boy.


Baylor and Waco would have been the losers, if Brittney Griner had not played here. At 6’8″, with an inch wingspan and a size 17 shoe men’sthe Phoenix Mercury star has heard every vicious insult in the book, enduring years of taunting that began in middle school and continues to this day. I felt like she Brittany should have talked more about the draft process and her first few games with the Mercury, instead she talked more about bullying and her sexual interest.

Brittney seems very comfortable with who she is; something it takes many people decades to figure out and, for that, I admire her and enjoyed her book. This book was different though because most of those books were about male athletes but this autobiography was about Brittney Griner a female athlete who plays professional women’s basketball.

That is a major accomplishment! Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants.

Bravo Brittney, I wish you the very best in life, both on and off the court! WNBA star Griner’s memoir explores her childhood, college basketball experience at Texas’s Baylor University, and transition to playing professionally for the Phoenix Mercury.

In My Skin By Brittney Griner by Brooke James on Prezi

She’s younger than I am though not by muchso, well, I feel somewhat justified in that impression. Griner comes across as a sympathetic person and the depiction of her relationship with her father grnier interesting, but much of this account is rather guarded, particularly about coming out and the status of athletes at Baylor.

The brittneg continued at Baylor University, for whom Griner was the best player on the championship-winning team. As a Lady Vol’s fan, Griner wasn’t one of my favorite players for obvious reasons.