This page provides Java code examples for The examples are extracted from open source Java projects. This page provides Java code examples for The examples are extracted from open source Java projects from GitHub. To run the application, you will need the jar file in addition to the SWT files. JFace isn’t MenuManager; import

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ALT and a character code. The Common Public License. OpenResourceAction Standard action for opening the currently selected project s.

IActionDelegate Notifies this action delegate that the selection in the workbench has changed. RedHatter 1 10 Arranging workbench windows with a perspective.

Uses of Class ctAction (Eclipse Platform API Specification)

For object contributions, the class attribute of the action element is the name of a Java class that implements the org. SynchronizeModelAction This action provides utilities for performing operations on selections that contain ISynchronizeModelElement instances.

NewProjectAction Standard action for launching the create project selection wizard. Understanding actions and contributions. Table of Contents takes you straight to the book detailed table of contents. He uses Eclipse to build editing software for reconfigurable computing and has submitted code for Eclipse’s graphical library.


Returns the action’s description if it has one.

Download org.eclipse.jface-3.6.0.jar : org.eclipse.jface « o « Jar File Download

Choosing with check buttons and SWT. If attribute is skipped default is enable for any number of items selected. Stephen Holder is a software engineer who has worked as a consultant for several large commercial and government agencies on enterprise level Java projects, including writing Eclipse plugins to streamline the development process.

Jfzce data with editors. An accelerator specification consists of zero or more modifier tokens followed by a key code token. Exporting RCPExample to an application directory. The targetPart may change with each invocation.

Displaying text with fonts 7. The ViewPreferencesAction is the action for opening a view preferences dialog on a class.

Returns the accelerator keycode for this action. UndoActionHandler provides common behavior for performing an undo, as well as labelling and enabling the undo menu item. Key names are converted to upper case before comparison. ResourceAction An action which configures its label, image, tooltip, and description from a resource bundle using known keys.

GotoLineAction Action for jumping to a particular line in the editor’s text viewer. LaunchAction Launches a launch configuration in a specific mode. Building the application class. You can use action directly – this is an acceptable approach if you are going to use the action within your plugin. ExportResourcesAction Action representing a generic export operation.


Refer to the org. Convenience method for removing any optional accelerator text from the given string. Copyright cEclipse Contributors and others. Provides a framework for text editors obeying to the desktop rules. Someone care to point me to tutorials, or enlighten me themselves?

Classes that provide the basic workbench UI support for undo and redo of operations. If the key name is a single letter, for example “S”, its character code is returned. IObjectActionDelegate Sets the active part for the delegate.

Improved font management with JFace. Standard actions for full and incremental builds of the jfce project s and their references project build configurations.

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