Basically to create a JTabbedPane component in Java, one should follow Use JTabbedPane(JTabbedPane. . Java Annotations Tutorial. 5. Java JTabbedPane class – Java Swing Tutorial Explaining the JTabbedPane Component. Java JTabbedPane – The java swing JTabbedPane control is available in Swing. This component appears as a group of folders in a file cabinet.

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Adds tool tips to a table using a renderer. Sets or gets the location where the tabs appear relative to the content. To switch to a specific tab programmatically, use the setSelectedIndex or the setSelectedComponent methods.

First usage of JTabbedPane. Note that jtabbedpnae the arrow only reveals hidden tabs. The following code from ButtonTabComponent.

Java JTabbedpane Class Example

Adding and Removing Tabs. Get the index of the tab by matching the jgabbedpane component As the user clicks the button, the actionPerformed method determines the index of the tab it belongs to and removes the corresponding tab.

In the TabbedPaneDemo example, the fourth panel has a preferred width and height that are larger than those of the other panels. Listening for Selected Tab Changes Note that the addTab method does not allow index specification in this step. Restore the tabs that have been removed by choosing the Reset JTabbedPane ntabbedpane from the Options menu.


Another way to ttutorial a tab is to use the insertTab method, which lets you specify the index of the tab you’re adding. To remove a tab, you can remove a specific tab with removeTabAt int indexremove int indexor remove Component component Thus, the preferred size of rutorial tabbed pane is just big enough to display the fourth panel at its preferred size.

Select a tab by clicking it make sure not to hit the little cross.

Add user icon to tab panel Changing tab’s title, icon, mnemonic, tooltip, or component on a particular tab with one of the setXXXAt methods. Add a tab with tuyorial label, icon, and tool tip at the end of all tabs Optionally, you can specify an icon and tool tip string.

Add Button to tab bar. Click the arrow to view one jtavbedpane the hidden tabs. The first tab is at index 0.

JTabbedPane « Swing « Java Tutorial

First usage of JTabbedPane Selects the tab that has the specified component or index. Put the cursor over one of the widgets with a little cross. Checks if the specified component belongs to one of the tabs. Add a tab with a label taken from the name of the component Listening for Selected Tab Changes.


Jtwbbedpane the tabbed pane is empty.

JTabbedPane « Swing « Java Tutorial

You can specify one of these policies defined in JTabbedPane: Add Components to JTabbedPane. Resize the dialog box by moving its left or right boundary so that tabs do not fit within the dialog.

The following picture introduces an application called TabbedPaneDemo that has a tabbed pane with four tabs. The use of custom components brings new features such as buttons, combo boxes, labels and other components to tabs, and allows more complex user interaction.