Listen to songs from the album Judas Evangeliet – Single, including “Flyver Højt”, “Fest Irusalem”, and “De 7 Plager”. Buy the album for $ Judas Evangeliet. Jesu Brødre. Judas Evangeliet Tracklist. De syv plager Lyrics. Submit Top “Judas Evangeliet” scholars. Song Credits. Producers Jesu . Judasavangeliet er nå i intens forksning over hele verden. Det bilde evangeliet tegner av Judas Iskariot stemmer i all hovedsak med det som sies i Talmud.

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The content of the gospel had been unknown until a Coptic Gospel of Judas turned up on the antiquities ” grey market ,” in Geneva in Maywhen it was found among a mixed jusas of Greek and Coptic manuscripts offered to Stephen Emmela Yale Ph.

Conflicting Integrations of a New Gnostic Gospel. DeConicka professor of Biblical studies at Rice Universityopines in an op-ed in The New York Times that the National Geographic translation juds critically faulty in many substantial respects, and that based on a corrected translation, Judas was actually a demon, truly betraying Jesus, rather than following judxs orders.

In the text, Jesus is shown leaving his body, journeying to the imperishable realm and returning to his body.

JUDAS EVANGELIET FULL EP by Pelshat Productions | Free Listening on SoundCloud

In a statement issued March 30,a spokesman for the Maecenas Foundation announced plans for edited translations into EnglishFrenchGermanand Polish once the fragile papyrus had undergone conservation by a team of specialists in Coptic history to be led by Kasser, and that their work would be published in about a year.

Elsewhere in the manuscript, Jesus favours Judas above other disciples by saying, “Step away from the others and I shall tell you the mysteries of the kingdom,” and “Look, you have been told everything. Those who are furnished with the immortal soullike Judas, can come to know the God within and enter the imperishable realm when they die.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons Evngeliet. Even more explicitly, Father Thomas D. These reports were necessarily biased since they were written by people opposed to non-Nicene churches.


Pope Banishes Judas’ Gospel”. Gospel of Judas, Critical Edition”.

Gospel of Judas

This Gospel contains few narrative elements; essentially, the Gospel records how Judas was taught by Jesus the true meaning of his message. Kasser revealed a evqngeliet details about the text inthe Dutch paper Het Parool reported. The Gospel of Judas consists of 16 chapters which document Jesus’s teaching about spiritual matters and cosmology.

In the s, the manuscript and most of the dealer’s other artifacts were stolen by a Greek trader named Nikolas Koutoulakis, and smuggled into Geneva.

May Learn how and when to remove this template message. The Gospel contains ideas which contradicted those circulating in the early Christian church. During the following two decades the manuscript was quietly offered to prospective jduas, but no major library or Egypt felt ready to purchase a manuscript that had such questionable provenance.

Jesu Brødre – Judas Evangeliet (3 songs) | Play for free on Anghami

The author says that they continued to practise religious animal sacrifice, which pleased the lower gods but did not help to foster a connection with the true God. Many humans came to think that the evangeoiet physical universe was the totality of creation, losing their knowledge of God and the imperishable realm. In the centuries following Jesus’s death, many differing views of the meaning of his life and death existed. Evangeilet may be additional fragments of the gospel yet to be released.

Like many Gnostic works, the Gospel of Judas refers to itself as a jjudas account, specifically “The secret account of the revelation that Jesus spoke in conversation with Judas Iscariot Christians may not believe them to be true, but there is no attempt to hide them.

It is speculated that individual pages had been removed and sold. The New York Times.

It would be better for that man if he had never been born,” trans. Historians Elaine Pagels and Karen Leigh King argue that a more nuanced, contextualized understanding of alternative interpretations of the Christian tradition should inform discussions of Gnosticism.

In his Easter address, Rowan Williamsthe Archbishop of Canterburystrongly denied the historical credibility of the gospel, saying. In Michel van Rijn started to publish material about these dubious negotiations, and eventually the page leather-bound codex was donated to the Maecenas Foundation in Basel.


Unlike the four canonical gospels, which employ narrative accounts of the last year of Jesus’s life in the case of Johnthree years and of his birth in the case of Luke and Matthewthe Judas gospel takes the form of dialogues between Jesus and Judas, and Jesus and the twelve disciples, without being embedded in any narrative. Gradually, humanity began to forget its divine origins and some of Adam’s descendants Cain and Abel became embroiled in the jkdas first murder.

Retrieved from ” https: At the beginning of time, God created a group of angels and lower gods.

His mission was to show that salvation lies in connecting with the God within the man. Another scholar, April D. Over the decades, the manuscript had been handled with less than sympathetic care: The codex has four parts:. What the Gospel of Judas Really Says to assert that Judas was not a daimon in the Greek sense, but that “the universally accepted word for ‘spirit’ is ‘pneuma’ — in Gnostic literature ‘daimon’ is always taken to mean ‘demon'”.

Scholars are divided on the interpretation of the text. Some passages are only scattered words; others contain many lines. Terry Garcia, an executive vice president for Mission Programs of the National Geographic Society, asserted that the codex is considered by scholars and scientists to be the most significant ancient, non-biblical text to be found since the s.

You can go to any Catholic bookstore and pick up a copy of the Gnostic gospels. As in other Sethian documents, Jesus is equated with Seth: