Keywords aplastic anemia, chloramphenicol, mice, shrimps. Pengaruh residu khloramfenikol dalam udang windu terhadap kejadian anemia aplastik pada. Sari Pediatri, Vol. 7, No. 1, Juni Judul: Masalah pada Tata Laksana Anemia Aplastik. Background: Aplastic anemia is a well-recognized form of marrow failure. The incidence of aplastic anemia is subjected to wide variation.

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Killick, Rhona Stewart, John A.

Both refractory and relapsed patients are frequently treated with further courses of ATG. For relapsed patients, re-introduction of CsA commonly result in improvement in blood counts, however, CsA-dependence is frequent and the dose of CsA usually is tapered slowly with hematologic monitoring [ 45 ]. Mutations in TERT, the gene for telomerase reverse transcriptase, in aplastic anemia.

AA patients who develop trisomy 8 usually respond to IST [ 33 ].


Although initially blamed on excessive xnemia cell turnover, telomere shortening in some cases of acquired AA and in dyskeratosis congenita, a constitutional marrow failure syndrome is due to mutations in components of the telomerase complex, causing low telomerase activity, progressive telomere erosion, and a deficient proliferative capacity of hematopoietic stem cells [ 26 — 29 ].

Accessed June 7,at: Stroncek DF, Rebulla P. Accessed October 28,at: A Prospective Multicentric Study. Increased apoptotic cells in bone marrow biopsies from patients with aplastic anaemia. The utilization of chloramphenicol on fishery productincluding shrimps, begins aplsstik the breeding, nurturing, post yieldprocessing, and marketing phases and continuous onto the foodindustry and fishery medicine industry phases effecting in remains ofchloramphenicol residue in shrimps for human consumption.


Subjects less than 20 years of age mostly T-cell-mediated destruction of the bone marrow Recovery of autologous hematopoiesis in patients who failed to engraft after stem cell transplant and responsiveness to immunosuppressive therapies are the major clinical evidences supporting an immune pathophysiology underlying acquired AA.

Lippincott Williams and Wilkins publishers; Intracellular interferon- y in circulating and marrow T cells detected by flow cytometry and the response to imunosuppressive therapy in patients with aplastic anemia.


Hypocellular marrow with fat space aspiration 10X, Leishman stain Juranl the aspiration material showed a small nodular area “hot spots” consisting of all types of marrow cell, which in turn was surrounded by large fatty spaces Click here to view. Current concepts in the pathophysiology and treatment of aplastic anemia. This enhanced lymphocytotoxicity of r-ATG may be explained wnemia higher affinity IgG subtype to human lymphocytes, less batch-to-batch variability, longer half-life, and more efficient lymphocyte depletion [ 53 ].

Analysis of T-cell repertoire in hepatitis-associated aplastic anemia. The blood Hb and erythrocyte cellular form normal conditions at the end of the experiment was indicative of resistance due continuous consumption followed by the formation of new normochrome normocyter erythrocytes.

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Therefore the aim of this study was to prove that chloramphenicol residue in shrimps for human consumption influences the appearance of aplastic anemia. Beri tahu saya komentar baru melalui email.

Medical Journal of Lampung University

Erythrocyte form changed from the normochrome normocyter initial condition to the mild hypochrome normocyter, mild hypochrome anisocytosis, hypochrome anisocytosis, and subsequently macroerythrocyte dominated hypochrome anisocytosis at the end of the experiment. Pengaruh residu khloramfenikol dalam udang windu terhadap kejadian anemia aplastik pada mencit Author: The RNA component of telomerase is mutated in autosomal dominant dyskeratosis congenita.


Hepatitis Associated Aplastic Anemia: Author manuscript; available in PMC Aug 2. Histopathology shows that 30 Golongan Tetrasiklin dan Khloramfenikol, Farmakologi dan Terapi. Theory and practice of histopathological anemoa. British Committee for Standards in Haematology http: Overrepresentation of drug metabolizing glutathione-S-transferase gene deletions have been observed in some series [ 67 ] but no reasonable mechanism has been developed for chloramphenicol.

Allogeneic bone marrow transplantation from a histocompatible matched sibling is curative therapy in the majority of SAA patients who undergo this procedure.

However, we have noted a striking improvement in survival among non-responders to initial h-ATG treated at our institution in recent years [ 59 ]. Outcome of patients with severe aplastic anemia who received transplants from jurnsl donors: In-vivo dominant immune responses in aplastic anaemia: Initially complete blood count followed by bone marrow examination was done for diagnosis.

Callera F, Falcao RP. Isyanto, Maria Abdulsalam http: Pengaruh residu khloramfenikol dalam udang windu terhadap kejadian anemia aplastik pada mencit Author: CD34 cells from patients with trisomy 8 myelodysplastic syndrome MDS express early apoptotic markers but avoid programmed cell death by up-regulation of antiapoptotic jugnal.

Optimization of conditioning for marrow transplantation from unrelated donors for patients with aplastic anemia after failure of immunosuppressive therapy. Telomere length in leukocyte subpopulations of patients with aplastic anemia. Incidence of aplastic anemia aplasitk Turkey: