Build a very simple K2 workflow to get familiar with basic concepts and techniques for building workflows. (And decide whether you prefer ‘Football’ or ‘ Soccer’!). These tutorials will teach you how to build SmartForms, SmartObjects and workflows with K2’s browser-based design environment, K2 Designer. These tutorials. This tutorial explains how to build a very simple “Hello, World” style workflow with K2 Studio. This tutorial is ideally suited for users who are brand new to K2.

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K2 BlackPearl offers business activity monitoring and interaction management features, managing troubleshooting, security, and data control. The window should look similar to the following: Does K2 BlackPearl offer guides, tutorials and or customer support? Once the installation prerequisites bllackpearl been confirmed, the K2 blackpearl components should be installed.

K2 enables its users to convert their manual, paper-based processes into flexible digital solutions. Closely linked to workflow design and management, business process management software helps users with the design, visualization, automation and implementation of business processes. The summary of these steps are tutoriap follows:.


View and Edit items at design time when using K2 Designer. Stay ahead with the world’s most comprehensive technology and business learning platform. The Workflow is deployed successfully. Users of both Applications cannot be allowed to access Administration settings for either Application.


Ensure all values are correct for your environment and run the setup manager through to completion. The RTM version is expected in a few weeks.

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. The window should look similar to the following:.

This is a step that administrators often miss. Once the certificate has blackpeael installed on the K2 server, it is time to reconfigure the K2 site created during the installation to use installed certificate.

K2 BlackPearl Workflow tutorial

After learning what it takes to set up such permissions, you blakcpearl be especially interested in the next blog in this series: Click on Finish button. The K2 Designer for Visio is aimed at the business analyst using a tool that they are familiar with, Microsoft Office Visio Create a new item. First, we will install SmartForms to the same site that blackpearrl installed the K2 blackpearl web components. Click on List Items. It is blackpearp recommended to keep a list of servers, URLS, accounts etc.

As you can see above, the two new bindings which we configured are listed along with the old binding. As the full details around a typical K2 installation and configuration are outside the scope of this article, full details will not be discussed. This chapter focuses on creating a workflow using the K2 Designer for Visual Studio. The following actions are performed automatically by the app registration if it is able to complete successfully:.


It is recommended to use K2 roles to set security. This issuer is configured via trust. Because of SEC regulations, the two applications must be completely isolated:.

Define Roles in tutrial Users node, manage the role membership, and then give those roles the appropriate rights to categories, forms, and workflows as needed.

K2 BlackPearl

This tutorial illustrates how to configure category and form authorization segregated by application. Update blackpearl and SmartForms bindings in IIS Once the certificate has been installed on the K2 server, it is time to reconfigure the K2 site created during the installation to use installed certificate.

Check the K2 server prerequisites The first main task in any K2 installation is to first check the K2 server prerequisites. K2 provides all types of event which you can use in the workflow process to interact with Ttuorial, SQL Database etc.

Check the SmartForms designer and runtime site web. Most likely, you will want to set rights to other categories, as detailed boackpearl K2 Categories documentation: Test the workflow Navigate to the K2 Workflow Tutorials list.