05 – La Cautiva del Amor En Inglaterra, a principios Etiquetas: Lindsey Johanna Adoro a Johanna Lindsey y aun más la saga Malory. Que haya podido descargar los últimos libros ha sido mi mejor regalo de navidades. Lindsey, Johanna – Fuego Secreto Vampyr #1: Vampyr, de Carolina Andujar Bridgerton #5: A Sir Phillip con amor, de Julia Quinn Familia. Johanna Lindsey No hay más links de descargas, toda duda que tengan pregunten a mí mail .. Una emocionante novela de amor, amistad y aventura.

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Fuego secreto, de Johanna Lindsey (+18)

Jul 14, Sheila Melo rated it it was amazing. It took awhile getting a nice cwutiva of the Malory family before the action really got going and then it was quite exciting with lots of intriguing developments. Now a little bit older and a whole lot wiser, I’m as in love with those rowdy Malorys and feuding Andersons as the day I met them. The whole kidnapped by the pirate thing was overdone, but at the same time not done properly??

I really liked her own sense of self and her active nature. Sep 29, Lisa rated it it was amazing Shelves: The family moved about a great deal when she was young. Al conocer a su marido devastadoramente guapo, esta emocionada ante la perspectiva de descargr en la esposa del medico de la ciudad.

And she kept her wits about her in terms of what she said too. This is this authors most boring book she’s ever written the h was annoying and I don’t get why anyone would want to spend time with her.

It came across as a total contradiction of her character. Jul 13, No Apology Book Reviews rated it it was amazing. lindeey

Beautiful Tempest

I mean, James did teach her how to fight and we didn’t really get to see that from her. Georgina throws a masked ball basically exclusively for the purpose of giving Damon a chance to come see Jack. If you want to know what happened prior to a book, start at the beginning of he series – it’s that simple.


Her preferences on the matter are irrelevant. Will this book diminish my enjoyment of the original? Lindsey knows these characters so well and it was a joy to get an update on Malory family cautvia contains a very colorful collection of characters that has engaged me since I was a teenager.

Even though cautia wasn’t my favorite from Lindsey, it was still a good addition and I can’t wait to see who is next in the family to have their story told!!

Descarga Novelas Romanticas

Inwhen she was still in school, she married Ralph Lindsey, becoming a young housewife. Instead, this book went in a different direction than I expected, but I loved these characters and their adventurous romance. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the book, but I just didn’t love it like the other Malory books. Even as the times and protective nature of her male relatives dictate that she should be submissive, she and the women of her family are strong and independent.

El Rincon del Romanticismo: Johanna Lindsey – Saga Mallory

There was a good – and highly complicated – plot, but I just didn’t get any chemistry with the main characters. But with her brother and his friend Percy being held captive, she has low options especially when it appears that not everything is as it seems. Jack is re-kidnapped, this time along with her brother, amir the nicknamed ‘Bastard’ who is still trying to get to their linsdey through them. It was interesting how everything turned out for him though.

To this day there are less damsels in distress and more fearless lionesses. Ser buena ha funcionado muy mal para Lady Olivia Archer. Se basa en el cuento de hadas Las doce princesas bailarinas. Okay, so I’m a hoyden. Basically, he comes across as a violent, spoiled baby.

Also, the ending was a bit over the top with Jack and Damon. If Jack had been alone on the ship with Damon and they had weeks for their passion to take place. Una historia de dos personas que necesitan desesperadamente encontrar la felicidad. Oh my word – so incredibly boring.

This is a book that I approached with trepidation. I can summarize this book in two words: Jack was suitably feisty, but Damon was so calm and accommodating the whole time that it came across as bland. Without ‘spoiling’, I can safely say that James Mallory, who I thoroughly enjoy in his book, ruined this one for me for just this reason.


Su salvador posee todas las habilidades de supervivencia que a ella le faltan, y es exactamente el hombre que necesita para arreglar su nuevo hogar. Jul 26, Ampr rated it it was ok. No, but this book is filled with adventure and strong active characters — including Jack who seizes her own destiny. It was bland, lots of Malory family and so many “drop in” who seemed to serve no purpose other cautivva reminding readers that they existed.

I was reading late into the night, and when I started to nod off, I got mad at myself because I wanted to keep reading! It made him into a beta hero instead of the alpha a strong woman like Jack needed for a partner.

I thought he was an interesting match for Jack. I would have expected him to punch a hole through the nearest wall and to be agonizing over what horrible things might be being done to his beloved daughter right that minute but he was calm as you please.

Overall it was a good read and I did enjoy it, but it’s not my favorite Mallory book that’s for sure.

Oct 24, Jen rated it it was ok Shelves: If I didn’t know better, I would’ve thought this was just a perfectly edited lindesy draft. The final showdown with Catherine was a joke and the battle with LaCross was very anticlimactic. Johanna Lindsey vuelve a mi y me ha pasado como aquella primera vez, Dos en la tormenta me ha dejado con una sonrisa tremenda.

More interested in revenge than descaggar finding a husband during her first London Season, Jack is furious that her father left her behind.