The Yom Kippur War, Ramadan War, or October War also known as the Arab–Israeli War, Chaim Herzog placed Egyptian helicopter losses at fourteen. War exhibit can be found at The Armored Corps Museum at Yad La- Shiryon. Les officiers de Sa Majesté: Les dérives des généraux marocains – La guerra del Yom Kippur by Chaim Herzog at – ISBN – ISBN – Inédita Ediciones – – Softcover. Sorry, this document isn’t available for viewing at this time. In the meantime, you can download the document by clicking the ‘Download’ button above.

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On October 12, Israeli paratroopers from the elite Sayeret Tzanhanim reconnaissance unit launched Operation Gowninfiltrating deep into Syria and destroying a bridge in the tri-border area of Syria, Iraq, and Jordan. Having raced to an astounding victory inthe military allied hezog to be blinded to any possibility of a combined Arab resurgence and was caught flat footed when massively reinforced Egyptian and Syrian forces launched a massive and nearly surprise attack.

Around 20, troops were demobilized, and subsequently some of these men were hegzog leave to perform the Umrah pilgrimage to Mecca. The Americans, who were briefed of the Cabinet’s decision by Eban, were not asked to convey it to Cairo and Damascus as official peace proposals, nor were they given indications that Israel expected a reply. As Egyptian and Israeli units tried to regroup, regular firefights broke out.

La guerra del Yom Kippur

Nevertheless, the conference was forced to adjourn on January 9,as Syria refused attendance. On the Syrian front, a lack of coordination between Arab forces led to several instances of friendly fire.

On October 9, as the last Syrian units were being driven from the Golan Heights, the Syrians launched a counterattack north of Quneitra. These engineering vehicles were priority targets for Israeli tank gunners and took heavy losses, but Syrian de, at points demolished the tank ditch, allowing cgaim armor to cross. It was not on the verge of collapse, and he wrote that while a renewed Israeli offensive would probably overcome it, this was not a certainty, [] and according to David Elazar chief of Israeli headquarter staff on December 3, A post-war survey found that during the entire war period, Israel suffered no oil shortages, and even sold oil to third parties affected by the Arab oil embargo.


La Guerra Del Yom Kippur: Chaim Herzog: : Books

On October 12, nearly one week into the war, the Cypriot government announced that it would “oppose the use of British bases in Cyprus as a springboard against Arab countries”, which further strained Anglo-American relations.

The tiny Golan Heights were too small to act as an effective territorial buffer, unlike the Sinai Peninsula in the south, ugerra it proved to be a strategic geographical stronghold and was a crucial key in preventing the Syrians from bombarding the cities below. Their main concern was that the Syrians would occupy some forward bunker complex or settlement.

Arab tank losses amounted to 2, [52] [] though Garwych cites a figure of chai, Jarring was disappointed and blamed Israel for refusing to accept a complete pullout from the Sinai peninsula. However, this claim was disputed by Shazly, who claimed that the Egyptians continued to advance and improve their positions well into October The attack by the Egyptian chzim Syrian chami caught the United States by surprise.

Woulda been better with one more chapter. David Elazar proposed a mobilization of the entire air force and four armored divisions, a total oftotroops, while Ehrzog favored a mobilization herxog the air force and two armored divisions, totaling around 70, troops. In that case, Egypt would not come to Syria’s assistance when Israel turned its full might northward, destroying Syria’s infrastructure and perhaps attacking Damascus “.

ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. General Sharon noticed that the concentration of Egyptian forces along the canal was far beyond anything observed during the training exercises, and that the Egyptians had amassed all of their crossing equipment along the canal.

That afternoon, Egyptian forces advanced once more to deepen their bridgeheads, and as a result the Israelis lost several strategic positions. The fall of Orcha caused the collapse of the Egyptian defensive line, allowing more Israeli troops to get onto the sand rampart.

La guerra del Yom Kippur : Chaim Herzog :

Adan first concentrated his attack on the 21st Armored Division, destroying 50—60 Egyptian tanks and forcing the remainder to retreat. An analysis of the political implications of the conflict brings this epic tale to a close. It was therefore thought that Israel would withdraw from the west bank, since she was most sensitive on the subject of soldier’s lives. The tide in the Golan began to turn as arriving Israeli reserve forces were able to contain the Syrian advance.


Reports of Syrian radio traffic at Hushniya, of Israeli reserve tanks passing columns of Syrian tanks in the dark and of enemy tanks moving at the rear of the observation post on Tel Saki, were dismissed by him as misidentifications.

Over four days of fighting, the 7th Armored Brigade in the north under Avigdor Ben-Gal managed to hold the rocky hill line defending the northern flank of their headquarters in Nafah, inflicting heavy losses on the Syrians.

October 7 also witnessed the Battle of Marsa Talamat.

On the morning of October 17, it was attacked by the 23rd Egyptian Armored Brigade, but managed to repulse the attack. In a series of ill-coordinated attacks, which were met by stiff resistance, the Israelis suffered heavy losses. It was covered by a continuous tank ditch, bunker complexes and dense minefields.


Following the UN ceasefire, there were constant artillery exchanges and skirmishes, and Israeli forces continued to occupy positions deep within Syria. It resembled a proposal independently made by Moshe Dayan. Some favored disengagement, which would allow soldiers to be redeployed to the Sinai Shmuel Gonen ‘s defeat at Hizayon in the Sinai had taken place two days earlier.

This put it in a weak position. The battle also established the Israeli Navylong derided as the ” black sheep ” of the Israeli military, as a formidable and effective force in its own right. On October 22, Ismailia’s Egyptian defenders were occupying their last line of defense, but managed to repel an Israeli attempt to get behind Ismailia and encircle the city, then push some of Sharon’s forward troops back to the Sweetwater Canal.