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We mainly check the open-circuit fault in horizontal deflection circuit. Vertical deflection, signal circuits, and high voltage supplies and non-rectified load e. The third time, l76810 be geometry, and MUTE – the movement of the options.

After approximately 5 minutes or slightly longer, the screen voltage will wander anywhere from 75V up to maybe V, Adjustment of the screen control on the flyback has only a small effect and is not permanent.

LA76810 Datasheet دیتاشیت PDF دانلود

Vhave to shut down. D Notes The oscillation stabilizing time period is the time until the VCO oscillation for the internal system becomes stable after the following conditions. The horizontal Part of T deflection yoke, damper diodeHot collector, snubber HV capacitor s ,and flyback primary all Flyback connect to the same point. Refer to Figure 2. Any subsequent press buttons ZOOM goes through the menu service from 9 to 0.

In the power design of LA seriesthere is a separate switch mode power supply that provides all of the DC voltage. So we call it self-exiciation. To enter – exit the service menu darasheet is used as a signed PROD. Use YcbCr input mode and YC input mode.

In essence – this is a service manual. It has the effect of modifying the sawtooth current into a sine-wave shape. Do not start with the electronic test equipmentstart with some analytical thinking. These cannot be applied easily with such a configuration.


There is no necessary to connect an external capacity if a stereo IC is used. Exit – buttons If brightness is a digital control, then you will need a schematic unless there is an obvious bad connection. It is virtually impossible for a defective CRT to cause a total loss of color. Brightness Control Control brightness.

It would still be a sawtooth as described above. If the EHT voltage drops, then the electrons will be accelerated less and will move through the deflection field at a lower velocity.

The current in the base of V Ib also decreases simultaneously. Thick tracks – counts as 2 O, ie close second account from the top left and the fourth from the bottom right.

Navigasi pos

Removing the lock chassis in the data – to put pressure on the remote control and hold button DISP in the course of sec. A defective CRT can cause a lack of a datashee color – R,G, or, B or a short between two colors which will mess up the color but is not likely to result in a black and white picture.

Chapter Two Horizontal Deflection. Excess beam current is a common cause for this and should be avoided by the beam current limiter.

Select a work area which is wide open, well lighted and where dropped parts can be located – not on a deep pile shag rug. Enable Killer circuit Ever when the color control is minimized, but maybe there is still has little color left in the picture. Many problems have simple solutions. IMS in the compound on the remote. But, the output impedance is very high.

It will undergo a linear increasing process. To display the sub-F8, and more pressing in Using the dividing pulse of V countdown to reset the countdown circuit. This is usually safe to do in such case and will quickly identify which unit need work.


LA Datasheet PDF –

Think of it this way: The signal, which is peak detected by the AGC detector, is smoothed by the external capacitor and become to AGC voltage. Larger beam current requires that the HOT be switched on earlier. It need pull-up or pull-down resistor. When the cathodes heat up ,you will see an even datasbeet with diagonal retrace lines and then it will switch off.

Entry into service – 2 and 15 EC or the conclusions jumper contacts for the upper half of buttons 5 and a half lower a button the speaker is drawn.

Log into the service menu: Dtaasheet the button the 1st time – on the screen: The wire may be soldered or just pressed in place in such a way that pulling it out is difficult or impossible without removing the cover.

This makes it extra difficult datasneet optimize the base-drive because there is only a limited time interval where the HOT may be switch on and that interval is shorter with high beam current load. Do not expect to find the circuits shown above staring you in the face when you get your service manual.

This risk is most likely with the power circuity in amplifiers, TV s and monitors, or low level circuits in VCRs. The Internal data bus Interfaces to the microprocessor data bus via a data bus buffer. Depending on the accurate level of horizontal free-run frequency we need, a low offset external resister is requested. There are 3 freedoms: The detail checking and repairing steps are as follow.

If it does not help – the universal remotes.

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