A little while after, as I was sitting by the side of Alice, whispering my adventure in her ear, Lady Montairy, to whom I had previously been. Lady Pokingham has 14 ratings and 0 reviews. An enticing collection of highly erotic and amusing adventures from the Victorian Era. The subject of these. Lady Pokingham (Victorian Erotic Classics Book 11) – Kindle edition by Author Anonymous. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or .

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James instinctively wetted the head of his prick and my bum-hole with spittle, and soon drove his great machine through the narrowest gate of Paradise. With trembling hands I lifted my skirts, and was then ordered to open my drawers also; which done, they pinned up my dress pokinngham petticoats as high as my shoulders; then I was laid across a desk, and Susan stood in front of me, holding both hands, whilst old Penn and the French governess who had just entered the pokjngham each held one of my legs, so that I was what you might call helplessly spread-eagled.

I fixed his stiff prick in my bottom-hole in triumph, nipping and squeezing, and wriggling my bum about on him as James with his tool in an awfully excited and distended state took possession of my hot raging cunt.

Victoria Montairy was also a fine woman, with a very beautiful classic cast of countenance, whilst the darling Corisande seemed more beautiful than ever, for want of ornament, in her spotless chemise de nuit.


What do you think of them, Beatrice? How do you like it, Lady Beatrice? It was a most erotically voluptuous love engagement. With a furious plunge, the dart of love made its effort just at the right moment. Views Read Edit View history.

The scraps from which my narrative is compiled were found in a packet she had entrusted to a devoted servitor, who, after her sudden and premature death at the early age of twenty-three, entered my service. The first ppokingham I showed them to almost burst with laughter, and two others were so anxious to see the cause of her mirth, that they were actually stooping over her shoulder to look at my slate, when, before I could possibly get to it to rub them off, old Penn pounced upon it like an eagle, and carried it in triumph to Miss Birch, who was awakened chagrined by the amused smile which our principal could not repress at first sight of the indecent caricatures.

If Alice ventured to tap at the door it was fastened inside, and admittance refused; the keyhole was so closed it was useless to try and look through lxdy way, but it occurred to my little girl that perhaps she might be able to get a peep into that place of mystery if she could only get into a passage which passed behind Mr.

He placed his lamp on a small table at the foot plkingham the bed, so that the room was now excellently well lighted, then seating himself on the bed he opened his dressing-gown, showing his long limp prick, and taking the pair of them on his lap, they sat on his naked thighs; whilst he kissed them, thrusting his tongue into their mouths, or pokingnam and compared their two charming pricks.


Off with your chemise; I want to compare our pusseys,” said she, throwing off everything, and surveying her pokintham naked figure in the large cheval glass. Preview — Lady Pokingham by Evangeline Anthurium. Jitka rated it liked it Mar 18, Victoria, give us a little party in your room to-night? Whispering my paramour to follow me, I quickly rushed from our concealment into the room where they were.

I poured part of the milk into two champagne glasses, and slyly added about ten drops of tincture of cantharides, with which Alice had provided me, to his portion. The Naked and Monique.

I can’t express her raptures, my movements with the instrument seemed to drive her into ecstasies of pleasure, she almost screamed as she clasped my body to hers, exclaiming, “Ah! I was infatuated and conceited with what I considered my clever drawings and several admonitions and extra tasks as punishment had no effect in checking my mischievous interruptions, ladh one afternoon Miss Birch had fallen asleep at her desk, and old Penn was busy with a class, when the sudden inspiration seized me to make a couple of very rude sketches; one of the old girl sitting on a chamber utensil; but the other was a rural idea of her stooping down, with her clothes up to ease herself, in a field.

I never before felt such an acme of pleasure, the sight before me, the soul stirring movements behind, and our mutual emissions laddy made me groan in an agony of delight. How small and tight! Here the two boys lay down on the bed fondling each other’s pricks, and kissing mouth to mouth, sucking tongues, pokinvham twining about in the most amorous manner, till I fully expected every moment to see them spend, but they stopped suddenly, a step was heard outside, the door creaked on its hinges, and His Lordship appeared with a large table lamp in his hand.

Lothair, whose shyness of the previous evening seemed considerably dispelled, most gallantly insisted upon my partaking of refreshment, before a word of my communication should be uttered. The company retired to the dressing rooms, and in a few minutes we were all back in the drawing-room, everyone in a state of nudity with the exception of silk stockings, garters, and elegant dancing shoes.

Again he drew me to him, and we exchanged the most lascivious kisses as I sat on his lap. Fit for a King. Had I been cunt all over I should have wanted every hole well filled by a good stiff one. The gentlemen will be at lavy clubs. The Loves of a Musical Student. As pokinghaam, I feel the crudeness of my style may be a little offensive to some, but hope my desire to afford general pleasure will excuse my defects.

Retrieved from ” https: I know that’s what Lucy’s got, and I’ve seen you kiss it, sir! He was still as stiff as ever, and I longed to feel him within me, but, to my surprise, he mounted the reverse way upon me, presenting his bottom to my face and asked me to press my firm bubbies together, so that his cock might spend between them whilst he gamahuched me.

The bunch of birch seemed to crash on my bare bottom pokingha, awful force; the tender skin smarted, and seemed ready to burst at every fresh cut. With a gentle effort he reclined her backwards on a sofa, and raised her clothes till Alice had a full view of a splendid pair of plump, white legs; but what rivetted her gaze most was the luscious looking, pouting lips of Lucy’s cunny, quite vermilion in colour, and slightly gaping open, in a most inviting manner, as her legs were wide apart; her Mons Veneris being covered with a profusion of beautiful curly black hair.


This page was last edited on 3 Septemberat Subpages Pages with override author. Item s unavailable for purchase. With the utmost apparent innocence, her hands touched him casually, where she hoped to feel the monster, but only resulted in feeling a rather soft kind of bunch in his pocket. The title should be at least 4 characters long. ALICE, excitedly, with an unusual flush on her face. Miss Birch, how quickly the sight of the rod makes hypocritical repentance. Alice was all over in a burning heat from what she had seen but instinctively felt that the mystery was only half unravelled, and promised herself to be there and see what William and Lucy would do next day.

Two Flappers in Paris.

The Pearl/Volume 6/LADY POKINGHAM, OR THEY ALL DO IT. – Wikisource, the free online library

The Escritoire of Yolande. You shall meet me again this day week and tell me how you get on. I’m getting quite bashful about showing my calves so much,” The butler had ladg work to recover his composure, the vivid recollection of the luscious episode with Lucy before breakfast was so fresh in his mind that Alice’s allusions to her, and the soft girlish hand resting on his privates even although he thought her as innocent as a lamb raised an utter of desire in his feverish blood, which he tried to allay as much as possible, ookingham little by little the unruly member began to swell, till he was sure she must feel it throb under her hand.

My Best Friend’s Hot Mom. Ah-r-r-,” as we could see Rube’s dark eyes full of fire, and his prick stiffen and shoot its juice into Crim-Con’s mouth, till the drops of thick creamy spend fairly oozed from his lips, as he still sucked and smacked his lips with great gusto; besides, we could see his own prick rising into quite a manly state.

How funny you are, and pokinghma have wetted my finger, you nasty girl,” I whispered, laughing. One thing I ask of you, dear Walter, is to fancy you are enjoying Beatrice Pokingham when you are in the embraces of some future inamorata. I begged her to shove her fingers right up. He roughly forced my thighs apart, and throwing himself upon me, I could feel the hot pokinghm head of his cock forcing its way between the lips of my vagina.

Aldegonde never will have a woman at night, and says the morning is the proper time, because his cock always stands best on an empty stomach before breakfast.