Dingpolitik: from an interview with Bruno Latour. Link: re-public: ing democracyRe-public. K.K.: You talk about the demon of the. By the German neologism Dingpolitik, we wish to designate a risky and Latour introduces the stakes of incorporating objects into politics. Bruno Latour. In Bruno Latour & Peter Weibel (eds.), Making Things Public. MIT Press. pp. Van Realpolitik naar Dingpolitik.B. Latour – – Krisis

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It is time to go back to things. How can this be achieved?

Latour continuous by pointing out that another mistake made in Western political history is that it focused on settling differences, instead of trying to co-evolve with a set of indifferences. How these connected things are going to play a role within society remains little or undiscovered territory.

Find it on Scholar. Matt Sleat – – Political Theory 42 3: Atmospheres of Democracy, Cambridge: In this article, politics and public space are discussed, where the claim is made that perhaps we need a shift towards the politics of things in order to re-map politics.

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The concept of Realpolitik diingpolitik shifted since the days of Bismarck. Christopher Norris – – Philosophy and Social Criticism 17 1: Request removal from index. Where the focus used to lie on body politics, imagining the state as something to be formed with one General Willwe should be looking into politics of pragmatism.


Warwick Neville – – Bioethics Research Notes 10 4: Thucydides on the Moralization of Conflict. Taking these things back into the design loop is one of my missions, with the statement in mind that the way content is created and consumed has at dinvpolitik as much importance as the technology driving it.

In this proof finding, lots of problems occur: Sign in Create an account. History of Western Philosophy. Science Logic and Mathematics. Dingpolitik and an internet of things By: Here, he introduces a new approach, by suggesting to look into matter of concern, rather than matters of fact.

Dingpolitik and an internet of things

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While often in history, this advice has been taken too literally latohr the shape of spheres and domes, maybe it is time to look for other places of publicity, than the rather archaic town halls, churches and parliaments.

Alek Chance – – Journal of Military Ethics 12 3: What if objects themselves can gather, spread and claim issues, turning each other into matters-of-concern?

Also, I do some occasional freelance work, where disciplines differ from web-design to workshops to product design. Metz – – History of Political Thought 3 2: Can There Be Global Justice?


And the point of these references? With a whole set of point made, the question lqtour how Dingpolitik can take shape now remains.

Dingpolitik and an internet of things | Masters of Media

Navigation menu Personal tools Log dnigpolitik. Beres – – American Journal of Jurisprudence 33 1: Please Visit Reserve Page. Especially when these things, being digital or physical, are capable of sharing, posting, editing, deleting content. Teodolinda Barolini – – Speculum 75 1: The point to make is that objects trigger the connections of public, or at least shared, issues.

From Realpolitik to Dingpolitik – An Introduction to Making Things Public

Although ordering things in time has been quite sorted out, we now have to move into anew territory: This page has been accessed 5, times. Everything has become contemporary. They larour editorialize through their re presentations.

Because all representation involves re presentation. Here Latour ends by providing a set of guidelines if you will, or parameters for success of dingpolitik, summed up in my own interpretation:.