LEGO set database: Shuttle Launching Crew. Find great deals for Vintage Lego Shuttle Launching Crew Complete With Instructions. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Find great deals for LEGO Town Flight Shuttle Launching Crew (). Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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What more can one ask for!! Attack of the Killer Anaconda!!!

Back to this set: I like your presentation of the minifigs as they seem to assemble the set although a different background would have been nice.

Really happy to have found it back again! More importantly, it is able to fit the entire shuttle in it.

Thanks for the review. This set is great! The bikes look good, the safety pickup looks good, the truck looks mean, the trailer looks heavy enough and the shuttle has that flexible arm thing and statelite!! A very nice review of this set. I love those classic bikes and these set is defintely value for money. Already have an ,ego The chassis of the truck.

Hope you guys like it!

They look nice when compared with the older 4studs cars, but when placed beside the newer sets, they are drawfed by them Thanks guys so much for all the commends! Truck and Trailer together!


This is one true classic low loader vehicle. The little truck looks just like the truck from the old coast guard set I am working on a review for that came out three years before the Shuttle set.

Vintage Lego Shuttle Launching Crew Complete With Instructions | eBay

I would LOVE to have that truck. No wonder i used to drool over this set when i’m young!

Maybe not a very realistic build by today’s standard, but it had a pneumatic crane and elgo landing gear. There are a lot of minifigs for a set of this size as well. See Minifigs Pointer And we are done with the trailer! Sign in Already have an account?

LEGO Shuttle Launching Crew Set 6346 Instructions

Do share the next review with us too. Posted February 3646, edited. Very classic building here, very very similar to Indy Car Carrier and Police Surveille truck.

It is so fun to see the classic sets and see the progression from year to year. Register a new account.

LEGO Shuttle Launching Crew Instructions , Town

Next up construction of the statelite: I never had this set myself, but I remember one of my friends had it. That appears in numerous sets actually and is quite a useful piece. Unfortunately I don’t have any 6364 them. The completed Set all together! My photo-taking skills are like and dont really know how to edit the backgrounds to the photos, so hope you guys can provide me with some criticism. Love that cage front!


Cool right how the studs join together!! You’ll find out why later Should really get the Mars Mission Impulse set for the real astronaut! Will post leg the review on the other Indy Transport soon! Posted February 3, Sammy Oh Hope you guys like it! We move on to the truck locomotive head: The shuttle itself looks kind of crappy compared to the newer Launch Command one though, or even the one in the set from the same time.

Your name as the reviewer. Real Classic building of cars and pick ups!