Gösta Hedegård, Liber Iuratus Honorii: A Critical Edition of the Latin Version of the Sworn Book of Honorius (Studia Latina Stockholmiensia, 48) Stockholm. Sources for the Liber iuratus Honorii and The Sworn Book of Honorius. . Liber iuratus Honorii is a handbook on ceremonial magic, and is. Liber Juratus or. The Sworne Booke of Honorius. [1r] when wycked sprites ware gathered to gether intending to sende devills in to the hartts off men to the.

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The four demon kings were known in Latin at least as far back as the tum asserunt esse verum,et ideo eos neque bonos neque malos volumus appellare: Although they are hierarchically superior to men, angels are thought ditional parallels to the angelology of the Sworn Book that are remarkable for to have significant contact with the human world, sometimes in the role of their similarity in detail.

Instead of “hic recita Aerial spirits of Mars. What is more conclusive, however, is the divisions. Secondly and more unfortunately is the need for a monastic lifestyle, and more specifically a Christian monastic lifestyle – the operations in TSBOH are closely connected with the theology of the Christian religion to separate them.

It is customary to cite all passages according to the section numbers in this edition. The most lilcely dating places the composition in the last decades of the twelfth century. The au- characteristics are included, such as their faces, manner of movement, and signs.

The first chapter is of the composition of the great name of God, which the Hebrews call Schemhamphoras which consists of seventy-two letters: Semathy uel Senrathy motheham. And even had it not been so well sections.

The following year, a Roman synod followed up on the matter. Ad cuius aduentum omnes homines resurgere habent cum corp- oribus suis: After that, say this prayer following: Includes bibliographical references p.

See Kieckhefer, Forbidden though in disguise, in angels as well as in demons. Since the narrative is not broken in SSM, this might be evidence that the London Honorius prototype was adapted from an earlier honkrii, and the insertion of material from Ars Notoria may be an attempt to fill in crucial material missing from his source text.


Then in that small space which is enclosed between the first angle of the second heptagon and the second angle of the same, and the first side of the third heptagon, and the part touching those angles of the circle, draw a single cross in the middle, namely in that space. In the ritual for summoning the aery angels, an additional step re- Addressing God, he libed, “May I be worthy to join in a honogii manner with quires that the practitioner rouse certain demons who are associated with the your holy angels, who may, with your ldnd permission, be willing to thoroughly seven planets and directions.

[Fourth Book or Treatise.]

The Doctrine of Rays in al-Kindi Florence: Trea- gestions as seeldng knowledge of heaven, changing day into night or night into tises of magic tend to explain how and why magic functions, and it is through day, or consecrating a book. And therefore, they that found out these sciences did the more abide in secret places, because they would not through worldly temptations be let from their works.

Biancamaria Scarcia Amoretti Rome: But some man will say, because God doth say “man shall not see Me and live,” it followeth then that he that seeth God must nides die bodily, then he shall no more rise till the Day of Judgement, for no man dieth bodily twice, but it is false that a man should die bodily, because he seeth the Deity, for the spirit is carried into Heaven, and the body is fed in the Earth with angel’s food or meat.

Showing of 14 reviews. And you should name these names of the angels over the Earth in those things which you accomplish in the Earth, and with God’s help you will succeed.

Thimiamate for Thursday is all sweet fruits as nutmeg, cloves, the rinds of oranges and citrines, dry and powdered with such like of good odor. University of California Press,; Flint, Rise The confection of these made, it is finished that [which] you desire.


The Sworn Book of Honorius – Wikipedia

He that shall work iurstus be willing in his work and utterly cleansed from all filthiness, for the more he suffereth the more he shall obtain, for if our superior, that is to say Christ, would suffer for his subjectes and inferiors because he would glorify them in his honlrii, much more ought the inferior suffer for himself, that he may please his Lord.

And with that series of letters which was previously named the honori will thus be filled with the great name of libe Lord, Schemhamphorasof 72 letters. For notable exceptions, see the valuable its composition. He must utterly forbear the company of women and all their enticements, insomuch that he may not look upon them.

After that thou shalt say this prayer: Make me clean, for in thee do I put myself to be cleansed. The Book of Abramelin: I will demonstrate, however, that these sections are not only inno- the redactors were members of libre learned clergy and thus belonged to the vative in their appropriation of Jewish and Islamic elements but also have wide “clerical underworld” identified by Kieckhefer.

Then, in that side of the same second heptagon which extends from the third angle of the same to the fifth of the same, should be written this holy name of the Creator, which is called Libarresuch that the syllable Ly iudatus written above the first syllable of Raphaeland the syllable bar is over the last syllable of the same, and the syllable re in that space of the same side which is between the side intersecting itself and the fifth angle of the same second heptagon.

Their bodies are great and large, full of all gentleness. Some of this evidence is discussed in Jan Bulman, “Contests for Power:

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