The mind-bending universe of horror master Thomas Ligotti awaits in another graphic adaptation of his haunting work. Enter a sphere where. The Nightmare Factory [Carroll & Graf] Books. Introduction: The Consolations of Horror, Thomas Ligotti, xi, Part 1: from Songs of a Dead. The Nightmare Factory is a comics anthology from Fox Atomic Comics adapting individual short stories by Thomas Ligotti. The second book in the series.

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This is the greatest horror book that I have ligoti read. I didn’t have time to read all the stories in this library copybut Ligotti truly is a master of transferring dreamlike atmosphere onto the printed page.

The stories read like Lovecraft, only with a more ‘matter-of-fact’ fsctory. It feels alienated both from both reality and the characters.

I daresay Ligotti gives Clive Barker a run for his money. Often, these individuals find their hermetic worlds cracked open by a larger or is it, actually? Jan 11, Lady Lovecraft rated it it was amazing.

Koontz and James Herbert wrote as a kid. Aug 22, Clint rated it it was amazing. To ask other readers questions about The Nightmare Factoryplease sign up. If there is very little here that will slake the factkry of vast, sprawling horror novels, connoisseurs of literary skill who are willing to be frightened will find the book a feast, albeit one best consumed in small helpings.

The Nightmare Factory

Moonlight pulses evilly through the clouds this Tuesday night as the natural universe expresses its contempt for the loathsome gathering of human husks known to polite society as The Nightmare Factory Book Club. Trivia About The Nightmare Fac Ligotti has, like his prose, slowly but without failure snuck up on me and resigned me to the basic truth that I’m probably never going to discover another writer who can make me feel such universal dread, but yet love it all.


You really need Ligotti’s situations and ideas to be ‘your thing’ to really appreciate his work, lkgotti if some of it leaves you confused. Ligotti, much like Videodrome, has a philosophy I eventually chose “The Bunglaow House” as our th episode and later featured “Drink to Me Only with Labyrinthine Eyes” – as our th episode part of an informal, month-long tribute to Ligotti’s influence on the genre and securing these stories unexpectedly led me into direct email contact with the man himself, which was a wonderful thing iirc, I was able to introduce him to the darkly sardonic hilarity of Brother Theodore!

Turning the abstract nighhtmare of our unguarded dreaming moments into vivid and compelling nightmares. An atmosphere of profound evil permeates this book Ligotti es el Philip Factoyr.

The Nightmare Factory Sees The Horror Behind The Harlequinade With Thomas Ligotti

That said, the ONLY reason I’m not giving this a 5-star rating is because while I was fully immersed into a considerable portion of the material, a handful of stories felt less compelling or even redundant.

Another aspect of his works I like and which I feel a very personal connection to is the way Ligotti uses urban ruin and decay as a backdrop, and the way it differs from, say, the use of same in Ramsey Campbell. As a general rule I try to only write reviews for indy authors because regular authors will always have lots and lots of people leaving comments.

All in all, Nightmare Factory is an exquisite example of the art and emotional depth so often deemed dormant in the horror genre.

Very little seems to be known about Ligotti, but to judge from his stories, he nigjtmare well traveled, has a superb command of setting and tone as well as of the English language, and is strongly biased toward the darker end of the fantasy spectrum.


You can detect these influences in his work, but his style is absolutely unique. Jun 02, Ken rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: I had to make an exception in this case not nightmars first time I’ve done so. Stories with mannequins, innumerable shadows, unnamed towns, masks.

Man, when I read this book I would literally get goosebumps sometimes, mostly from the first story “The Frolic. I have read some interviews with him and some appreciations of his work and he a unique and fascinating writer.

View all 5 comments. Amazing thing to say, the consolation of horror in art is that it actually intensifies our panic, loudens it on the sounding-board of faxtory horror-hollowed hearts, turns terror up full blast, all the while reaching for that perfect and deafening amplitude at which we may dance to the bizarre music of our own misery.

The Nightmare Factory [Carroll & Graf] – THE NIGHTMARE NETWORK

He also exhibits admirable economy of words, for more than 50 of his stories fit between the covers of this book. Little did I know then that I’d be ending my day with a new favorite author.

In Ligotti, it feels more like a generalized given, a stage backdrop, a modern stand-in for the default “old dark woods” of fairy tales. Still, a bit thin. It took me a few years to acquire the taste, but now I’m hooked. They can be slow-going but nonetheless as intense as the worst dream you’ve ever had.