LOGIX si OVERVIEW. The Logix si is a two-wire, mA input digital valve positioner. The Logix si positioner controls single-acting actuators with . Mounting of the Logix si Positioner on a Linear Pneumatic Actuator. ( NAMUR / IEC document describes the setting and use of the Logix si. Available Logix + Models. Part of the versatile Logix positioner series the Logix + and Logix + digital positioners fulfill the ever growing.

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With a maximum supply pressure of 6 bar psi a regulator is not required. Stroke not calibrated 2. The minimum calibration span is 1.

The minimum lateral distance should be approximately 5 mm 0,2 5110si to prevent bending of the feed-back mechanisim. Single-acting pneumatic actuator Positioner: Country specific regulations may apply. Actuator tubing backward 5.

Attach the positioner to the pre-assembled mounting bracket and fasten it with two hexagon head screws and two lock washers. This could cause permanent circuit board damage. When unpacking, check all delivered valves and accessories using this packing slip. If the positioner still does not operate replace the pneumatic relay assembly.

Startup 3 LEDs on the local user interface. Logix si Digital Positioner. During the Quick-Cal operation the valve may stroke unexpectedly.


logx Fit and check O-rings and positioner to actuator and secure with 2 x screws 2. This document describes the setting and use of the Logix si user interface. Limit switch To connect switches — see termination table. Secure with 4 x M6 screws 2. Board current high – Check internal wiring and connectors for electrical shorts, if no shorts bad electronic assembly, replace. As the valve approaches the desired position, the difference between the commanded position and the measured position becomes smaller and the output to the piezo is decreased.


Hall sensor lower position – Check to make sure the air supply is connected.

Flowserve Logix 510si Installation, Operation & Maintenance Instructions Manual

In general, shield wire should be connected at the source. This setting provides for optimum response times when used with most low friction control valves. Normally this will be 4 mA, but if split range operation is required use the minimum current for the desired operating range. Adjust inner-loop and see if proper control 1.

Set the switching point of the limit switch by adjusting the cam of the upper switch. It may be cancelled by briefly pushing the Quick-Cal button. The control algorithm in the processor performs control calculations and produces an output command to the piezo valve, which drives the pneumatic amplifier. This can also be caused by over tightened packing, very sticky packing, or very high gain settings. Do not adjust the follower pin too near to the slot end of the take-off arm. A coalescing filter should be installed in front of the supply air connection Figure 8.

Pressing and holding the Quick-Cal button for approximately three seconds will initiate the calibration. Page of 16 Go. Maximum torque 0,25 Nm 0,18 ft-lbs. Calibrate valve stroke 2. To clear the condition use handheld or Flowserve supplied software to reset the indicator if more travel is needed or adjust the command signal back in the specified range.


Observe the minimum requirements of voltage and equivalent electrical load: The switching point can be set by adjustment of the vane. Piezo voltage – Bad electronic assembly, replace. Note that the valve will be locked at its position when an input loop calibration is initiated until the calibration is completed.

To clear the condition use handheld or Flowserve supplied software to reset the limit if more travel is needed or adjust the command signal back in the specified range. The Logix si positioner controls actuators with linear and rotary mountings. A coalescing air filter is recommended for all applications due to the close tolerances in the positioner.

Follower Arm standard 11 Mounting the positioner Figure 7 2. Apart from the operating instructions and the obligatory accident prevention directives valid in the country of use, all recognised regulations for safety and good engineering practices must be followed.

The Logix si positioner controls not to be confused with operating range.