Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor is a standalone novel that chronicles the Battle of Mindor, a fictional event in the Star Wars expanded universe. Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor is a Star Wars Legends novel by Matt Stover. It’s been six months since Return of the Jedi, and the Rebel Alliance . Matt Stover’s excellent Star Wars Legends novel shows how and why Luke succeeded where the last generation of Jedi failed. And it examines.

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I don’t want to say too much, because maybe I’m reading in a little more than the author intended, but considering that one theme of this novel is the search for something beyond the rational and quantifiable, I think it’s something worth mentioning.

But at least he had some justification for it in character development. He’d Han preset the final leg in the Falcon ‘s navicomputer, so they had been in and out of the jump point before those astonished Imps could so much as shout “Emperor’s black bones!

The plot needed them to be somewhere, it just took forever for them to get there. I have the second one ready to go. There are even a few section from the point of view of R2-D2 which are quite entertaining. Some connections are quite obscure -the main villain, for example, first appeared in a Star Wars comic strip in From here, things jump ajd a lava-spewing, planet-shattering, “Holy-Sith-I-think-the-sun-is-going-to-explode” battle that is as much fun to read as any in recent memory.

Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor – Wikipedia

Instead of a gritty, dark war story similar to Shatterpointwe get a tale that is a skywlker of fun. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.


And while there isn’t a lot of it, the brief references to C-3PO’s genuine hobby interest in linguistics and his friendship with Artoo are nice. Show us in their actions, but don’t bring us inside their “minds. The details and possible subtexts add depth and resonance to the story, rather than demanding the reader to pay attention to their hidden agendas.

Stover’s skyqalker suffers in a similar fashion. Not even the vaguest sensation of vibration, or pressure, or friction on his skin. Blame it on the Force. Matthew Woodring Stover is an American fantasy and science fiction author.

She’s Nick’s girlfriend, and that’s the whole story. Had Luke known about other Hands beforehand, I feel like it might have come up in og. This time, he’s not so sure that sacrifice is worthwhile. Everything about this book warned me that I was going to be reading some melodramatic garbage, but somehow I thought it would still be okay.

And I got the book because I sort of thought it was about Luke and maybe an adventure for himself, but the whole gang was there.

He gets in trouble and the whole gang Han, Liea, Lando, Chewie, and Wedge, who seem to be in almost every book now A few words can describe this book as I was reading this and after it was done.

If you thought Vader was dark, Shadowspawn is quite literally a black hole. This happens about a year or so after Return, Luke is a General, which he doesn’t want to be, but he is invistaging Mindor, where there are Imperials still. I liked the E3 novelization and wanted to like Matthew Stover, too, but Shatterpoint was awful, and this book was flat out travesty in its purest form. The battleground in which the action is set, the Mindor system, is one of the most impressive and detailed new settings in recent Star Wars storytelling, a place that almost seems deliberately designed for the bad-guys to spring a deadly deep-space ambush.


This book was a lot more fun and a LOT less depressing than watching Jacen go crazy and kill people.

Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor: Star Wars Legends

I liked the whole thing about unapproved “holothrillers” about Luke and Han. Anyways, this is about Matthew Stover’s latest entry into the Star Wars ane But Luke is a soldier, and war beats the idealism out of people. Star Wars Legends Also Read. As long as Luke Skywalker was alive, we always figured somehow everything would turn out okay.

In these days of economic instability, it? In a few words: We are experiencing technical difficulties. The only evidence we need is that someone landed a third of a Mon Calamari starship with nothing but altitude thrusters. It doesn’t seem like I have to read all those other books to understand it. This novel does have its drawbacks, among them a few minor continuity gaffes and an annoyingly open-ended conclusion.

The action has a “bounce” to it in line with what we see in the Star Wars films rather than wallowing in angst, and the dialogue is hilarious. He will act with unstoppable force to keep the ones in his heart, safe. Striking from a skuwalker advantageous base on the planet Mindor, they are waging a campaign of plunder and destruction, demolishing order and security across the galaxy—and breeding fears of an Imperial resurgence.