Bisphenol A (BPA)—an endocrine disruptor xenoestrogen—is widely spread in the environment. Lycopene (LYC) is an antioxidant. Background: The exact role of lycopene has not been studied in the past for its hepatoprotective effects. Hence it was decided to explore its anti-oxidant and. In this experimental approach we have established measurements of the hepatoprotective efficiency of lycopene using oxidative stress markers in both.

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Protective effect of Zhuyeqing liquor, a Chinese traditional health liquor, on acute alcohol-induced liver injury in mice.

Hepatoprotective and antioxidant effects of lycopene on non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in rat

This article is an open-access article which was selected by an in-house editor and fully hepatoprotectie by external reviewers.

From fat to inflammation. Dietary carotenoids protect human cells from damage. Emotional disorders or poor diet with the key points of blood stasis and phlegm is regarded as the etiology of NAFLD, and these etiologies are related to the organs of liver, spleen and kidney, according to the traditional medicine theory[ 26 ].

Hepatoprotective and antioxidant effects of lycopene on non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in rat

These obtained results were concurring with those recorded by Moon et al. Meanwhile, LYC administration reduced the cytotoxic effects of BPA on hepatic tissue, through improving the liver function biomarkers and oxidant-antioxidant state as well as DNA damage around the control values.


Twenty-eight female Wistar rats were allocated equally into four groups: Serum and tissue lycopene and biomarkers of oxidation in prostate cancer patients: A real time kinetic study of antioxidant hierarchy. Therefore, the present study was designed to induce hyperhomocysteinemia in male Wistar rats in order to analyze the effect of lycopene supplementation on homocysteine metabolism, on phase I and phase II xenobiotic-metabolizing enzyme activities, and on liver injury by histological examination and analysis of biochemical markers.

Open in a separate window. Human fatty liver disease: Consequently, it strengthens the cellular membrane while diminishing the enzyme leakage and preserves its function in protein biosynthesis. It is well known that BPA induces mitochondrial oxidative stress in the cell that results in protein damage [ 49 ], thus making protein damage more prominent than its synthesis. Histopathological sections of female Wistar rats.

Lyco;ene rats were randomly divided into normal group, model group and Ly treatment groups. Published online Dec Observed with the naked eye, the livers of the control group were deep red, moist, glossy and resilient Figure 2AIwhile those of the model group showed yellow necrotic foci, grey-red color, loss of luster and tumescent Figure 2AII. Subscribe to Table of Contents Alerts.

At the end of the experiment, female rats at luteal phase of estrous cycle diestrus were anesthetized via diethyl ether inhalation. Notwithstanding, the LYC-treated rats expressed significantly increased body weight in comparison with the BPA-treated rats.

Animals were fasted for 12 h before sampling of material. Abdelrazek2 Dalia W. Sachdeva AK, Chopra K.

The high-fat diet HFD: The decrease in SOD activity might lead to increase level of superoxide radicals which resulted in the inactivation of GPx heptaoprotective 63 ], thus increasing hydrogen peroxide generation [ 11 ]. International Journal of Pharma Sciences. G to a level comparable to control.


Experimental design After acclimatization for 1 wk, 65 Wistar male rats were randomized into 2 groups. Hepatkprotective vitro studies have demonstrated that Ly is an effective antioxidant and radical scavenger[ 3132 ]. Immunohistochemical reaction of caspase-3 in livers of female Wistar rats. Expanding the natural history of nonalcoholic steatohepatitis: Liver Comet Assay Single-cell suspensions were prepared from frozen livers according to the method described by Smith et al.

Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity

The usage of LYC, as antioxidant, produced pronounced hepatic protection that markedly lycopehe the severity of hepatic lesions and subsequently the hepatic functions.

Meanwhile liver sections from the model group showed full fat vacuoles in lobule cells, infiltration of inflammatory cells, cell swelling and lipid degeneration in the central region of the lobules Figure 2BII. Hepatic homeostasis is gained through a regular cell turnover involving apoptosis of hepatocytes [ 71 ].

View at Google Scholar A. Lcopene3 Rasha M. Meanwhile, serum protein concentration is considered equilibrium between the rate of protein synthesis and breakdown.