From This Moment On is a book from Lynn Kurland’s de Piaget Family series. In this sweeping, emotional love story, USA Today bestselling author Lynn Kurland takes us back to the thirteenth century-and all the passion. From This Moment On By Lynn Kurland – FictionDB. Cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and time period.

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Alienore and Colin became quite endearing as they realized their ths for each other-with some swaying going on for good measure. The story proper starts two years later, when Alienore is now known as ‘Sir Henri’ and has the pretty cushy job of being a knight-in-waiting to a nobleman’s daughter.

However, this does not compromise the story at all. What a complete and utter disappointment.

One of momennt better ones in my opinion. May 07, Kathie katmom rated it it was amazing. Also, the evil characters had no hint of goodness to make them seem more real.

To ask other readers questions about From This Moment Onplease sign up. The final romantic entanglements are somewhat unexpected, and I’m curious as to whether their adventures will appear in future.

From This Moment on

But, I loved it. Alienore has no desire to become the Butcher’s unfortunate wife-victim just to save evil stepmom some money, so she binds her breasts, steals her brothers’ thi, spurs, sword, and horse, and escapes. Never tried to learn how to at least appear to know how to use her sword.

I’ve literally been laughing on every page. I laughed even more heartily at their discussion of what to name their daughter–Colin tel Eh But inside, he has a kind heart especially for anyone weaker than others.


,urland helps you keep track of books you want to read. And I wanted to hug Alienore each time she was hurt. Once everyone knows who is who, it is very sweet to watch them fall in love and come together against their enemies.

Some gentle souls keep her in hiding for kurlanv years, but a twist of kurlsnd then brings her into his presence while she is disguised as a knight. I often felt sorry for him. So he wooed her the only way he knows how – by polishing and sharpening all of her weapons. When he seeks to woo a woman, he compliments her on her courage and strength, he polishes her weapons and he guards her sleep.


Colin of Berkhamshire is otherwise known as the Butcher of Berkhamshire. Ninth in the De Piaget historical paranormal romance series. The one that makes this books special for me is that the character is unlikely hero and heroine. One of the few non-paranormal Kurland stories.

This book is not for everyone! Colin comes across as stupid to some, but he’s got a mind like a steel trap, when he isn’t totally focused on this sword.

Mar 22, Becca rated it it was amazing. Mass Market Paperbackmomnet. Lord Christopherthe Dragon of Blackmour, and his lady, Gillianhave two thiss.

Robin is three while William is not yet one. The Butcher otherwise known as Colin is neither a sexy antihero cured by the love lhnn a good woman nor a misunderstood angstmuffin with a tragic backstory.

From This Moment On | de Piaget Family | Lynn Kurland

All she seemed to do with skitter around like a mouse. No me arrepiento de haberlo pausado y leerlo hasta ahora porque lo disfrute bastante. But beware all bullies. Lord Christopherthe Dragon of Blackmour, and his lady, Gillianhave two sons. Add some medieval scoundrels and a few witches. So, poor Alienore now finds herself not as Colin’s bride, but as his squire. Return to Book Page. And Jason of Artane puzzled me. I loved seeing Gillian in this installment. She was living in Hawaii at the time and the scope for her imagination poisoned fish, tropical cliffs, large spiders was great and poor Clinton bore the brunt of it.


Poopsie would like that. When Alienore finds out the stepmother who loathes her has betrothed her to The Butcher, she knows she must flee or face a life of misery. And also like Christopher, it’s pretty obvious that the counterpoint to the rough dragon scales of his personality, is his soft underbelly. Jason was my favorite character. So she disguises herself as a knight and flees. I felt the writing was a bit repetitive, but that may just have to do with my lack of understanding of how this genre is written.

Her actions just made me wince my way through the story so I could get it over with.

It just seemed like a stupid and illogical thing to do when the truth would have saved all of them many troubles, especially the most stupid thing of all, the trip to France. There were twists and turns that I was not expecting and really enjoyed.

She never made an attempt to learn how to curse so she could fit in. Iurland 19, KimberlyRose rated it did not like it Shelves: