This sutta gathers various instructions the Buddha gave for the sake of his followers after his passing away, which makes it be a very important set of instructions. THUS HAVE I HEARD. Once the Lord was staying at Rajagaha on the mountain called Vultures’ Peak. Now just then King Ajatasattu Vedehiputta of Magadha. A historical analysis of the Mahaparinibbana Sutta of the. Digha Nikaya of the Pali Canon. by. Ven. Pategama Gnanarama Ph. D. The Mission Accomplished is .

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Many monks advocate changing the Vinaya rules to suit modern times. From the mouth of that company have I heard, from their own mouths have I learned it. Though she was old, she was still extremely beautiful and graceful. And after having eaten the meal provided by Cunda, the Lord was attacked by a severe sickness with bloody diarrhoea, and with sharp pains as if he were about to die.

Too soon has the Fortunate One passed away from existence! Many Western Buddhists and not only Mahayanists are in fact vegetarians today.

People make a bridge or raft — the wise have crossed already. That is how it was in those days. And seeing their intentions, he uttered this verse on the spot: There seems to be no special contradiction of ideas.

I am thirsty, and wish to drink. This is the fourth danger for the immoral through the loss of morality.

Mahaparinibbana Sutta – Wikipedia

At Bhoganagara the Lord stayed at the Ananda Shrine. I leave you, I depart, relying on myself alone!

And from the moment of his ordination the Venerable Subhadda, alone, secluded, unwearying, zealous and resolute, in a short time attained to that for which young men of good family go forth from the household life into homelessness, that unexcelled culmination of the holy life, having realised it here and now by his own insight, and dwelt therein: Let stupas far and wide be put up, That all may see — and gain in faith!


If supporters like to invite only a particular monk they are guilty of partiality.

He rose from his seat, bowed, and respectfully circled the Buddha, keeping him on his right, before sitting at the root of a tree close by. Nowadays, this advice is seldom heeded.

I have, however, adopted the usual meaning of avasesa as making good sense. And by the understanding, the penetration of the same Noble Truth of Suffering, of the Origin of Suffering, of the Cessation of Suffering and of the Path Leading to the Cessation of Suffering, the craving for becoming has been cut off, the support of becoming has been destroyed, there is no more re-becoming.

The Sanskrit Fragments Or. Not perceiving form internally, someone sees visions externally that are white, with white color, white hue, and white tint. This is the first cause and reason for a great earthquake. Udakavarga Udakavarga UVS 17 When she was seated, the Blessed One instructed, roused, enthused, and gladdened her with religious discourse.

Mahaparinibbana Sutta

The Blessed One lay down on his right side, with one foot resting on the other; mindful and clearly comprehending. And being thus delighted, they said: What is meant by being a refuge to oneself is that even a Buddha or an Arahant can only show the way.

And how does mahaparibibbana mendicant do this? Now at that time four of the leading Mallas, having bathed their heads and dressed in unworn clothes, said: Even modern materialists and non-Buddhists practise charity and observe morality, a Buddhist must meditate too. mmahaparinibbana

He did so, and returned to the Blessed One, and informed him, saying: This is the fourth drawback. There the Blessed One addressed the monks, saying: As long as the mendicants individually establish mindfulness, so that more good-hearted spiritual companions might come, and those that have already come mahaparonibbana live comfortably, they can expect growth, not decline. Wishing to cross to the opposite bank, some began to seek for boats, mahaparinibbaana for rafts of wood, while some made rafts of reeds.


Outside of here there is no true ascetic. By transcending the Sphere of Infinite Space, thinking: As long as the monks establish these seven things in themselves, they can be expected to prosper and not to decline. When the Blessed One had eaten the food prepared by Cunda, mqhaparinibbana dysentery afflicted him, with sharp pains, even unto death. The time has come for the Blessed One to pass away!

Before long he attained the highest mahapadinibbana of the holy life for the sake of which men go forth, realising for himself, and abiding in it.

The Blessed One arose, and went to the Service Hall; and when he was seated, he addressed the monks, saying: He heard that on that very day, in the last watch mahxparinibbana the night, the ascetic Gotama would become mahaparinbbana extinguished. However, they were unable to set it alight! Let the Blessed One do as he deems fit. We will go to the Capala Shrine for the siesta.

That is the eighth liberation as Sutta 15, verse And all the five hundred garments, even the innermost and the outermost cloth, were burnt up. In many schools of Mahayana Buddhism, vegetarianism is the rule, and some writers have indulged in polemics against the Theravada school on this score.

Now, Subhadda, in this Dhamma and discipline the Noble Eightfold Path is found, and in it are to be found ascetics of the first, second, third and fourth xutta.

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