This application helps you to know about your future which you need to know, which is in your hand,This application gives the guidance of your future. Books For You offers book Vruhad Hast-Rekha Shastra. Palmistry has also made so much progress in this age as it never did Gandharva Yog or Combination Practical Moore’s Palmistry Book. Pages··

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Sheeba Arshad February 18, at 3: Nitin is a professional palmist. I must add that I had never believed in palm reading or astrology but I had sent my palm images as Hasrtekha was little disappointed with the things around me, and that too just as curiosity to figure out that whether palm reading can really provide some genuine predications.

His Service absolutely worth it than you could think.

I am starting to get hermoid problems which you did say would happen. Talal Pervaiz October 12, at 7: Arijit October 3, at 9: Namashkar Panditji, Thank you for your guidance on my questions.

The reading has been very accurate and to a high standard. Thank you so much Sir. I am eager to wait for malayalzm good future as he told me and of course, I will fight for it also. Highly recommended for those who want good vibes in their lives Really a great astrology blog. I would recommend the readers to explore and interact with Nitin Kumar to know your past and future trends!! Carmen October 14, at 8: Natalie June 4, at hastrwkha I would like to know if lines on hand change and a new reading would benefit me Thanks Adnan.


Good morning, thanks for the palm reading report and remedies.

When I will receive my palm reading report? She is an author, an artist and also takes an active part in science and has researches about senior psychology ect.

hast rekha malayalam free downloads »

Thankyouuu Nitin Best Regards, Natalie. Amey Naik December 26, at 2: Astrology benefits are clearly written in the blog, Excellent blog. Really high hastrwkha literature on Hastrekha This is for the users who want to learn palmistry hast rekha shastra. Hastrekha Jyotish Xtell Technologies Education.

Sivalpuri Singaram Guru Peyarchi This I will do now onwards. Zar Ni Ko October 10, at 7: Your reading is amazing and cristal clear. What do you think i should to do to improve myself? My heartly thanks to Mr Nitin for palm reading and his quick response. Meri 2 govt job lag gayi sir finally, traffic inspector in railway and statical officer in ssc And I am really amazed by your knowledge of Quran as I was not expecting that you ill suggest me something from Quran.


Thank you so much sir for immediate detailed palm reading report. I’ve had a difficult time in my life so that I asked for help from Sir Nitin Kumar. And I had health problems until the age of I appreciate you a lot about what you tell me about my past,future, and my work.

After receiving my report, I asked him that in the future if I need to ask him about anything specific, what are his charges, and to that he answered saying that “no more fees for specific questions in the future. I have met a palm reader before but he didn’t say much.

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Thanks again for your patience in answering my numerous queries. Jun Jie January 25, at 4: My mother was always fascinated by this occult science so-to-say and only told me about it.

May Allah gives you wonderfulbeneficial things I want to know what includes in Palm reading report? Thankyou foe detailed predictions 90 percent of analysis is yastrekha true.