English Translation of the Shri Malini Vijayouttara Tantra. Malini Vijayottara Tantra is esteemed as the Highest Tantra in the Kashmir School of Shaivism. A Seminal Translation – partial unfortunately. It is further stated in the Mālinīvijaya Tantra: This is said in Mālinī Vijaya Tantra: The yogi who does not maintain awareness at the time he achieves supreme.

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See commentary on Tantraloka; 16th Ahnika. And in a quiet place start concentrating on your own Ears. This ego has three aspects, as I mentioned before: A living force is created by placing the letters in a certain systematic order by the Sadhaka.

Track 7 Malinivijaya tantra –

The malinii range of the knowable is divided into two classes, the acceptable and the avoidable. You are commenting using your Facebook account. A man of the street or a man of the field cannot take to yoga and profit by that. Aghora is said to be awakened into action by Paramesvara and at His desire he vitalises maya and from her emanate various letters and these letters are the source of knowledge in general.

Malinivijayottara Tantra

The homa being over, he may rest and go to sleep. This Tantram, a never-failing help in crossing the ocean of mundane existence, was related to the devoted munis by Karttikeya after he had heard it from them, i. Generally, the written Shaivism tradition Sastra can be divided into three basic parts: It is not the giving up of the mortal coil and thus acquiring immunity from death. At the stage intervening between Suddhavidya and maya, Vijnanakevalas only are in existence as pure cognition.


In the saktanyasa which he has to observe after this, he has to, identify his body with the three vidyas alluded to above. He should perform homa by muttering the mulamantra one hundred times and the other attendant mantras ten times.

He is the Bhairava whose name even strikes terror into the destructive agencies and at whose sweet will the world lives, moves and malini vijaya tantra its being.

He must have had an established practice in the suppression of breath. But, as ill luck would have it, a novice or a beginner in the Tantric ceremonies, oftener than not, associates with the low spirits and makes them minister to his unlawful ends. But the attempts of Vinaya.

Apyayani Kala pervades the second. The impurity, actions, Maya and the whole world, as her creation, form the category of the avoidables.

Kashmiri Shaivism

This sort of practice is resorted to by the black magicians whose fate is rendered miserable both here and hereafter. This is as regards the outer aspect of initiation.

Indra and other deities of the quarters should be requested to watch the proceedings so as to ward off the malignant influences while. The Tantric supplement is useful, in the opinion of the Tantrist, to quicken and ensure the fulfilment of desires in the Kali age. Being thus purified he should enter the sacrificial viiaya and offer worship to the deities of the entrance.

He must have overcome sleep, anger and the mental restlessness and must be altogether impervious to pain. In this stage he should identify himself with his disciple and with the path in which the disciple is to be initiated by the holy faith, ‘I alone am the supreme reality; this whole universe is in me; Vkjaya am’ the stay and support of this all.


Track 7 Malinivijaya tantra

The principle of Siva embraces the sixteen letters from ‘ga’ upto ‘na’. The Mantramahesvaras carry on their functions under the supervision of Isvara. Yes, it tantrx correct. According to the degree of divine inspiration, he is called 1 Samprapta, 2 Ghatamana, 3 Siddha and 4 Siddhatama.

Among these the first is pervaded by Dharika Kala. It contains detailed meditation images of the elements, and various siddhis are said to occur from these practices. As regards the inner side, the teacher has to bring in the Jiva of his disciple from the outside into his own self and then he has to awaken the serpent force in him and move it up vijaha centre to centre till it reaches the Brahmic aperture in the head.

The five indicative marks of the Rudrasakti are: Sakta is the name of that stage amlini is obtainable by. Kaul’s introduction deals usefully with many of the philosophical tenets of Vijqya Shaivism, but it is worth giving a brief outline of some of the other contents of this tantra.